Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated

which of you have it on your OP? (it will be listed as 1 person when you look it up)

I own it.

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@Joe’s Blokonomy will be made Blokonomy 2.0 (just thought you’d want to know), and it’s Mac (since Bas 2.0 is labeled Mac)

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@Thuthu The owner of ailes is me

Dragon universe and gold shore the owner is @alliteration.qun15 her ign is alliteration.qun
Gold shore 2.0 is mac same owner as the first gold shore

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hailey, i need alliteration’s ign set up for gold shore… there are around 20 servers with that name… none of which are owned by “alliteration.qun15”.

On her server i think her name is still star duchess

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I’ll start funding Land Of Building again in 1.7

@Ender_Rivka , can you please let me know the owner of Land of Building as it appears on the join world search?

@Nolel will have one of her servers payed for, it might be | Music | and it might be a new one she’s working on… :slight_smile:

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okay. @Quartz_X, thanks. as soon as she knows for sure… which one she wants to fund, let me know. also, her ign for it.

Her new one (until it is created and developed to a degree that is beyond just trying to get it open) won’t be on the list yet, unless she can send me screen shots of it being more than just in the starting phase.

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I’ll be creating a server which is named Influx but it’ll be changed (Mac), @JoeU will have an expert world which is unnamed for now (Mac), @INeedPie will have Sunset Moon, and @Keiraiscoolio99 will have Maple Hills. :slight_smile:

Once @INeedPie has a name for the mac server, I’ll post it. I believe that her Sunset Moon server will be attached to the IGN - Cyan Sonata.


I’m glad this list was created. As I said before when much theorization had been made about the credit change and its aftermath, this thread can be offered as a link to any Blockheads players who despairingly join the forums looking for answers. They’ll have immediate access to quality servers that they can become attached to.


And there’s plenty of servers still being funded I mean yes more players then servers and yes there might be times when 16 people are on several servers

But all the more dead servers that are staying and the ones being worked on will hopefully be more popular


My very old one, Peace, is out of credit. I wont be able to fund it in 1.7 the owner is Clearsight (with one under score on each side)

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Sunset Moon is cloud… What mac server?

This one? @INeedPie

XD I am genuinely so confused, I don’t remember saying about a mac world?

Oops! I meant JoeU :face_palm:

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I agree @Arcturus. And consider also that there are a ton of great servers out there, whose owners are not part of forums. I have contacted a few players who have these types of servers and I’m waiting for them to respond. If anyone else knows of some truly cool servers outside of this circle of forumers that will DEFINiTELY be funded, please let me know. (I’d like to check them out too.)