Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated



Oops! I meant JoeU :face_palm:


I agree @Arcturus. And consider also that there are a ton of great servers out there, whose owners are not part of forums. I have contacted a few players who have these types of servers and I’m waiting for them to respond. If anyone else knows of some truly cool servers outside of this circle of forumers that will DEFINiTELY be funded, please let me know. (I’d like to check them out too.)


my first server griffin land will not be open for 1.7 but when i have those days i will donate to see it. but i will only support it until it turns 5

Eternal Memories or EM will be staying for 1.7 and will be opening soon

Edit: am i having the case of something or a dream i had or did i once see griffin land on the post thu made about the servers




Soul Exodus- Mac


@Sunnyperson, is your ign for those worlds Sunnyperson or another ign?

@Zitro I’m glad you found something funny.

@joe, great name.


griffin land is -killerender-
EM is -killerender-


I’ll leave this message here…
City inc. (mac server) will be stayin 1.7
The world full of businesses and learning with earning :wink:


forgot to point this out. it will release during 1.7 i mean for em


It’s just something you did that i found really funny I don’t remember what :laughing: sorry for being off topic


Yeah. Typing is hysterical.


Depends what you type :face_with_monocle:


Wait. If you don’t put your server on this list will it be automatically deleted in update 1.7? :thinking:


No this is just a place where people are announcing that their servers are going to funded in 1.7.


Oh, okay, thanks! :grin:


Also to announce that which servers re not going to be funded in 1.7 so that players can be notified that the server may not be accessible after credit runs out.


Maple hills may stall open until June. Current issues may stop me from funding. But i hope i will be able to fund it. Maybe just write after maple hills (Definetly till june may close after.)


I have griffin land stacked only until the 16th. Then it will run out and be closed again


Cedarpolis - miguelmbn is here to stay and altought its a the very first stage of development, there is a quite good structure of the city


The IGN that appears:Ender_Rivka