Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated



What server is his for, @Ender_Rivka?


BTW I changed the name to ruby city


Lonely farewells in land of nature :slight_smile:

Im thankful who are being kinda to be a staffs in my server Good bye Nature server :relieved:


Please add mine! Someone added credit to it so it should live for a few months. It’s somewhat popular and has medium spawn builds - just enough to allow sufficient free build space.
Will shut down in 3 months without funds.


@Wingysam if youPM me the names of the Mac Servers and the login info… I can add Mac Servers to this thread.
@222oreo333, @Joe Same.


I have a server that is still waiting to be made called “Can’t Do Nothing” partially by me but hosted by wingysam.


The criteria for the list (even for the Mac servers) is that the server needs to be established — not just a concept or just starting. Once it’s developed @Sunnyperson, let me know. :slight_smile:


Kepler 186f seems off :slight_smile:


Thanks, Sunny.


Don’t say “e” won’t be funded by me either, just Giants. If you want to add it. :slight_smile:


Thank you for adding Beggar’s Tomb to the list. Could someone add an apostrophe to the word Beggar’s in the server name? Thanks. Just helps in searching. God willing we will still be able to pay host fees. Time to kill someone.


Didn’t Joe say he was leaving and that all his servers would be down?
Or is my memory messed up?


No problem


He did say that… but I’m waiting for a bit to take them off the lists.


Me? Mentioned? Thank you!


I’m also mentioned. :slight_smile: Technically my username for Dragonets is IcicleDragonet :stuck_out_tongue:


Angel World will be staying. It’s a Mac Server :cool:
Port: 15181
IP: block.wingysam.xyz


You can move

  • Blockland - Brother Rabbit

from Not sure/Open Infrequently


Leaving: (most likely

I personally have no plans for it as of now. :slight_smile: