Ummmm I don’t like the new update

I really hate this update

  1. Where are all these undercoverable items

  2. Now I have to pay money for a servers


4.where are the gem shards and yaks and plaster and…

Pls fix this :sweat::disappointed:

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Undiscovered items have to be discovered, meaning that you’ll have to acquire that item in-game before you will be able to buy/sell it on a trade portal. Having an item once in your inventory will be enough. The credit change was necessary, you can see why here:

I don’t remember how gem shard can be acquired but you can craft plaster on a builder’s workbench. Remember to check the #tips-guides category before asking a question, someone might have asked it there already (and received a response).


Sorry to hear you’re not a fan of the update. I sometimes feel the same way when a game I like gets an update - like “NO YOU RUINED THIS THING THAT I LOVED!” But then I spend some time playing and end up enjoying the update in the end.
As for the undiscovered items and gem shards, yaks, plaster, etc, I suggest creating a creative, single player world. Make the new benches and explore. Find yaks, play with gem blocks. Get to know the update a bit more - I hope you’ll like it. ^o^


That’s a great idea! Custom is definitely a great option to explore the update at because TP’s can be set to everything free (thus not needing discovery). Taming mobs will be as easy as boiling water… maybe.


Undiscovered things in trade portal a very challenges to me and joblisting too

Plaster block I loved because its a smoothy, shiny and satisfied block :thumbsup: and the other new features are really loved! No need to blame new update too

  1. For the undiscovered items in trade the Blockheads allow players to craft and life thier own life by crafting discoveing new items and have a right to buy in the trade portal. Also follow these great steps
  1. If you have a server and which is out of credit or which will expire soon please participate here: Server Credit Giveaway!

  2. Yea you mean grrr fir the new thing which are hard to understand in the update but if you play regularly you will understand everything and you will get used to it.

  3. You just have to craft those stay tuned ill soon make a video on them.(in case my channel: )

This is thread I liked generous people giving away credit for your server to still alive and opened :smiley: not like using piracy tc thats really bad for developher sorry for discussing tc.

Yea TC is ended no use for TC it is only used for doing craft much quicker only real money is used for server credits.

Undiscovered items on TP’s is a feature. Do you mean unknowns?

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Ohh so undiscovered things in trade portal is just a gltich? It was really challenging for me :((

I agree with gglovesunicorns


Ohhhh I thought he meant unknowns. I’ll fix the post.

Yeah, please fix the feature that was intentionally added to the game to save the game from dying.

  1. i dont realy like undiscoverd items in 1.7 for vannila worlds but no worrys. custom worlds can make it so you can turn it off. and vanilla worlds can be turned into custom but cannot turn back

I have an idea for trade portals

Get rid of them. Or just remove the ‘undiscovered’ item thing. Either one would be great

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Y’all aren’t helping

To discover items, you have to get them in your inventory. Dave was losing money from TC pirates with the old credit system.

We’re trying to.