Un-useful servers



Some servers which are not useful anymore will need to be remove from blockheads who doesn’t use it this much, and abandons it so often; none of them plays that server no more. “It looks like those servers are dying as player’s population shrinks slowly less than a decade.” The dead numbers of servers have increased so rapidly than before because they were using hacked time crystals (TC’s) to open a new server. This shows that more than 50 servers are created every day. “Wow, that’s a lot!” They won’t stop making servers until now blockheads made us pay with real money to create or open another server at anytime for sure, but those servers are still keep dying. There is no way make those servers popular & lit again. When joining a server randomly with no people especially the new server are created just sitting and waiting there more than 2 hours or so till they arrive, but still did not come, it used to came a lot since 2014 until now. That sucks! It’s kinda boring with no people, but maybe they will still come at anytime.


Could’ve sworn MajicDave said servers that have been inactive for a year will be permanently deleted in the new update.


I believe it was stated to be an option, but never necessarily a forced one. I could definitely be mistaken, though.

Even then, the only place I saw it brought up was during the 1.7 hype. Don’t believe it made an appearance in the changelog.


@WumboJumbo @Testif

Seems a little vague to me. He says there are no plans to expire them, then he says they can be restored at least a year or more.




Found this.