Unable to join any server


No… I can’t join any servers as far as I know…

Cloud Server: UNIHORSE

What popup do you get? Via picture.


It is always this no matter what server I try to join:


Try restarting your device. Make sure you go to your home screen and close all your apps out first.


By that you mean turning it off then back on? I did that and it still doesn’t work…


Try using your mobile data (if you have any) I had that same problem


I have the same problem too…I give up and joined other servers and tried joining unihorse again and it worked somehow


I only use mobile data. I never have any WiFi networks to join :sweat_smile:


I tried everything!! WHY WONT YOU LET ME JOIN GAME?!! :cold_sweat:


It probably doesn’t like you because your new. Stuck around for a few more weeks, and then it’ll like you.


I’ll keep that in mind lol


It may be the device your using. 1.7 couldn’t be updated to some older or rarer devices. :pensive:


Oh okay. But I have Rainbow Cakes and stuffs so isn’t that something from 1.7?
Plus I have different eggs. Stone, Wood, Marble, Tin, etc.


Yeah that’s from 1.7


Okay. So my game is up to date then…
But the question remains: Why can’t I join any servers??


I already told you, the cloud doesn’t like you!


Why… WHY Blockheads don’t you love me?! single tear rolls down cheek but I will still love you for eternity… no matter how much you abuse me! classic dramatic music plays suddenly


It’s ok, the cloud will like you soon, you just have to stay for a month on the blockheads! :grin:


Y-Your saying Blockheads might actually love m-me…? tears of hope weld in eyes while sad classical music plays


Ali-A intro plays.

Back on topic.