Unable to join any server


None? You can join any severs? At all? I would be very sad if i couldn’t join my server.

What kind of mobile you have? And have you always been unable to join servers? Or is this recent problem?

Coffee?! (I'm kinda panicking)

Nope. No servers no matter what type they are. But when servers were made based on TC I could join (keep in mind this was before the game even had tulips).
I can’t do any online activities exept earn TC by watching a video.
My device is a iPhone SE (I think it came out after with iPhone 5 or 6?)
It has the build-up as that of a iPhone 5, but it has the tech of the iPhone 6.
Hmmm… maybe I’ll try with my iPad? But the problem is my iPad is original. It’s the older model that requires the thick chargers.
Classic iPad chargers: |___|
iPad chargers now: |

So I’m not very sure it’ll be compatible with the new update… but I will still try :slight_smile:

Oh wow it’s actually downloading…

My name is Undicoversundefan with no image. I’m on Unihorse right now!!


Congratulations! :smiley:


I joined Giants yesterday but the server was dead so I left.
Anyone joining Giants today please let me know through a PM


Try rebooting the router if this happens again. And try to use you’re internet if you have it. :slight_smile:


Congratulations now u can play blockheads with veryone!


Tank yoo


And the sundee fans lived happily ever after.

The End


No actually not really. Because every end brings a new beginning :slightly_smiling_face:
I said that because I still need to figure out why servers won’t work for my phone ;-;