Unable to join one specific server I'm mod on


I am unable to join the server “The Salt Lands”. My game crashes right before I am able to connect. I have over one stack of safes with items in them and I took them out of my chest and I crashed. I am unable to join. Any way to fix this?

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What does that mean


It means he deleted his post. It will be withdrawn (deleted) in 36 hours unless it’s flagged by someone.


Safes with lots of items in them can cause series lag! Especially if duplicated. Shifting them over all at once is a bad idea.

If you can’t join back, then I don’t know what you could do.
Besides start over with a new username or ask the owner of the world to request @milla for a rollback.

Just to confirm, you can join other worlds correct?


Try connecting with a different name. I’d like to know if you can connect okay without your inventory.


I decided to try forgetting the world and reconecting using same name and all. It worked! I didnt want to risk a diff. name though. maybe on a diff server :slight_smile:


There’s no risk connecting with another name, but I’m glad this was resolved :slight_smile: