Unable to open 1.7 worlds


I was excited to get 1.7 like everyone else, but I’m disappointed that I can’t even use it. I was able to update it, but whenever I try to open any world, (including single player worlds), it always crashes while it’s loading, then exits to the home screen and says ‘The Blockheads keeps stopping’ before loading completely.

Sometimes when I attempt to join a multiplayer server, I see someones message in the chat, so I know it’s not the connection. I’ve also heard that you were supposed to reboot your device, so I did a soft reboot, and it still didn’t work. Should I try doing a hard reboot? This is a Motorola G5 plus, running Android 7.0. Tell me if you know of any solution. Thanks.


do a hard reboot i guess


Wierd. You played with the version 1.7 before?


On my iPad, yes.


So you’ve played it before, and suddenly this comes up?


I guess u could try uninstalling and reinstalling…


That’s worst case scenario, and @baamallama they’re two different devices.


Ohhh. So basically you can still play on the other device? Phew.


This will cause you to lose:

  • Single player worlds
  • Portal chest items
  • Time Crystals
  • Possibly the bug that is occuring


It’s also been frequently saying “Messages has stopped”, or “Messages keeps stopping”. I googled it and there was a post on the Samsung forums that had a similar situation. They were saying that their Messages app kept randomly crashing, and it was causing other apps to crash. I scrolled down to the starred solution, and it was saying to force stop Messages, and uninstall any recently updated apps, stop force stopping Messages, then reinstall the apps that were just uninstalled.
I’m still trying to find any other solution, but I might have to do that if I want to get it to work again.


I’ve hard rebooted 4 times, soft rebooted 3 times, force stopped The Blockheads 6 times, and I’ve force stopped Messages twice. I’m thinking about giving up and uninstalling, then reinstalling The Blockheads.
Should I do it?


It depends on what you have. Do you own a lot of singleplayer or multiplayer worlds? And do you have any really important things in portal chests, and are you willing to change your name. If you don’t have any of these or don’t care about them, yes, delete it.

If you do delete it, remember that on multiplayer servers you own, you can admin yourself from the owner portal but you need to make an owner portal account and password first. I am sure if you are admin on other servers, the owners will re-admin you. You can also change your name a tiny bot by maybe adding an extra dash or something. Not too hard.

The thing I would most be worried about is single player worlds and portal chests. Also, if you are not admin on a server, you will not be able to get into your safes or have any of the same items in your inventory.

If you decide to delete the game, please try to make sure you have an owner portal account, and that owners of other servers will re-admin you.


I have a lot of important things, but there’s not really any other option. I already have an owner portal account, and there’s a lot of servers that aren’t mine that no admin goes on anymore. Luckily I am admin on my other device, but it lags a lot. I’m planning on admining my new IGN, and all that. I do have useful stuff in my inventory, which is my only concern. I’ve already had to do this twice so I’m sure I can handle it. I might try to find a way to save the data files before I come to deleting the app, though. Thanks for your help!


You also might want to just wait for a bit, Dave’s working on 1.7.1 (Twitter) and I’m sure Noodlecake is doing the same. I’m pretty sure the respective updates will be out fairly soon to fix a lot of the issues.


Ok, I was thinking about that because I heard that it was coming out soon, but I didn’t know when.


1.7.1 is rolling out now. It should go to 50% of users now and we’ll release it to everyone else in a day or so as long as we aren’t seeing any major problems. Hopefully that will fix the issue for you!

1.7.2 is out just now!

I recently updated to 1.7.2, and there was no difference than before. Is there any other possible way to fix it?
@noodlecake_ben, @NoodlecakeDerek


Hey there, can you please contact support[at]noodlecake.com with as many details about the problem as you can think of, and we’ll try to figure out what’s going wrong? It will be easier for us to gather information from you over e-mail.

Please make sure you reply to the first automated e-mail you get back, otherwise your issue won’t get into our support queue!

If you’re wanting to try uninstalling and reinstalling in the mean time, you could try using a backup and restore tool such as Helium (look for it in the app store) to save your blockheads data, so you don’t lose all of your worlds. There is still a bit of risk with this scenario, so proceed with caution, but I know backing up data, reinstalling, and then restoring data worked for some people with similar problems when the upgrade to 1.6 happened.