Unable to open blockheads on new phone

As per millas request, I was wondering if any one else was having issues with opening blockheads on a new iphone or maybe any other phone? I was opening the app and there’s a blue screen then I’m not sure if it crashed or just closed but it went back to the home screen. I’m using a iPhone xs Mac with iOS 12.3.1

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The other person reporting this to me also has a new device and restored it from a backup of their old device. Would you mind offloading Blockheads, so your data is retained, but the game is removed, and then re-installing the game?

I did and I lost all my time crystals but have all the worlds still

I can send you TCs, so that’s fine. I take it that didn’t fix your blue screen?

Im able to play now

Oh cool! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll PM you with details about replacing your TCs.

Have you tried updating your iPhone?

Edit: Never mind, the problem was solved. My bad!