Unable to save pictures I take with camera?

I can take a picture, and it says saved. But I cant find it anywhere in my gallery

Weird. It saves them for me. Ask Dave.

Ask NoodleCake. I’d assume a permission may be turned off or something.

I found the pictures- apparently theres some delay - they don’t appear in the folder straightway. But I noticed them there couple of hours later :confused:

Okay, I am having the same problems. But now, I have waited days and the images still don’t show up?

I’ve replied to your post

Is there any difference in making a camera vs. taking a screenshot? I never made a camera.

A camera will let you zoom to whatever distance you want rather than to close up, middle, far, map view, etc. A camera also freezes everything so you can focus on a certain part without it moving.

It also hides,your blockhead status (the little blocks with their miniature self saying health and happiness

What version of Android are you on?