Unable to use your username?

This has been a common problem that I would like to address.

Now as some of you may know, sometimes you join a server world and can’t use your usual password because of the error
"This name has been taken"
Don’t panic! Your account is perfectly fine.
You can regain your account like this but first you must understand support IDs

Support IDs


Q: what is a support ID?

A: your support ID is how milla, and the game recognizes you

Q: How do they have anything to do with my name?

A: If your support ID is changed the game thinks you’re someone else, if the game thinks you’re someone else you can’t use your old names because the game thinks they belong to someone else.

Q: where can I find my support ID?

A: in help/credits it tells you your support ID

Q: Why does it change?

A: It can happen because of a glitch or because you deleted the game.

And remember, never tell your SIDS to anyone other than Dave, milla, and noodlecake (android devs). Everyone else shouldn’t know your SIDs.

Alright, now that you’re educated on SIDs as I like to call them let’s talk.
As you’ve learned from up there SIDs are crucial so that the game doesn’t mistake your identity.

So that’s all well and good but you came here to get back your usernames so let’s go!

How to recover your username
  1. Email/PM someone
    In order recover your support ID and therefore your username PM @milla or email support(at)theblockheads.net with your support ID and your old one. If you don’t know your old one milla will use her majic to figure it out, and try to PM milla as emailing her takes longer.

Sorry but that’s all I know! I’ve never had this happen to me so if this has happened to you reply your feedback (Or milla can make this a wiki)


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Great guide :+1:


Great post, I’m sure this will help many people recover their old support IDs and the information that goes with them! :+1:


off-topic: It does seem that we are the only online people right now

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Probably, :joy:.

lol, the only new posts I see are from me and you

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It should probably be noted in the OP that you should never share your SID with anyone but us (Dave and I) or Noodlecake Studios (Ben), the Android developer.

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Got it, edited OP.

I messaged milla and have yet to get a reply, I don’t know my support ID at all because I didn’t think I’d lose my account

Is this a new issue that’s happenin now? I haven’t had any problems with my support ID yet (thank god I didn’t.) I’m surprised if all the sudden so many people are havin problems now. :pouting_woman:t2:

IGNs/Usernames are tied to your Support ID which can sometimes change if you delete and then reinstall the game.

Other times the Support ID seems to change randomly.

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I’m well aware of that, I was just sayin in general though. I haven’t been on the forums for some time and I log in to see people havin issues with their IDs. That’s why I was quite surprised that it became a major issue now for a mass majority.

I wouldn’t say the frequency of support ID changes are any higher now, it’s just a few people have come and talked about their issues on it recently.

I have had my support ID change randomly twice.

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Same here. Glitch? I’m not sure.

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It always happened to me when I was making another username. I always thought it was because I made too many or something.

I have about three.

HarlsYerGurl, Harlxy, and of course, itzHarleyQuinn.