Unable toget an account back

I can’t get back one of my best accounts I had 32k+ time crystals (which I don’t care for) and I had many worlds,this game is annoying.

You can message @milla with your support ID to recover your account. For the time crystals, I think you need to show proof of purchase (receipt). And for the worlds, well, they are gone.

How exactly did you lose your account? Did you delete the app?

Accidentally yes, my phone had no space and I was trying to delete a diffrent app and accidentally deleted it

Yeah, deleting the app can be problematic. Be careful while deleting apps.

I didn’t purchase them though, they were given to me on a world

If you are talking about pirated time crystals, those aren’t allowed because they steal money from the developers and for various other reasons. You shouldn’t have had them anyways.

You may find this helpful for understanding why free TC are bad.

This may help too for the tc

This may help for the support id

Not sure how the game is annoying if you were the one who deleted it but no worries, you’ll get your account back with the methods said above.

We hope you’ll reconsider your usage of those Time Crystal, they are no joke to play around with. The links listed above will maybe help you understand why they should not be used under any circumstances.


I’m not even worried about the crystals, I had some great worlds that I worked really hard on and I don’t want to lose them, I don’t know my support ID I only know what my account name was. I’m a stressed out teenager and a really just want everything to just go smoothly oof

I’d be worried if I were you, I don’t even think you checked the links out. Everyone who uses them instead of paying for them (which is not even necessary, you could just mine them or watch a bunch of adverts and that’s it) is effectively destroying the game in terms of loss of money for Dave. He’s the one who pays to store and keep every single one of our servers alive, safe and working. Now what happens if he does not receive enough money to keep those servers working.

I’m sorry about your single player worlds. Those are gone unless you have made backups of them. You just have to be more careful, honestly.


@percivalskyes I’m assuming you’re on iOS, if you have made an iTunes backup you could also just restore from that? If not make on in the future, they’re very useful both in terms of The Blockheads and your device itself. Here’s a guide if you’re interested: How to transfer The Blockheads to another iOS device via iTunes

Even though it says another device the backups can be restored to your current one by simply resetting and restoring it from your PC.

I’m on a Samsung phone

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