Unbreakable Block Issue

I have an invisible block that I can’t remove. I can’t place anything on it either. I put a portal down, built my house, then removed the portal. It left a one block stone wall with an invisible block. (Where the base of the portal used to be). I have tried so many methods but it won’t disappear!

Have you tried /repair it puts you in a mode that 2 clicks will remove any block type items including water and other things such as that along with stone wood etc it doesn’t work on items that have Ben dropped essentially try that also Welcome to The Forums

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Thank you! I asked an admin and they repaired it.

No proplem

May I ask where this took place?

PIJ0 The Dog God, but it has already been fixed.

Many times but not all those invisible blocks are made of wood. I have gotten rid of them with an ember. Try that next time.

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