Under the lava?

So um what’s underneath the lava? I was thinking about digging dow there to get to it, but I need to know what’s under there first. I have lots of other questions about lava, too.

You can’t go under the lava. It’s unbreakable

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True, but if you mine to the side you may be able to get under it.

You still can’t
If you go to the end of the world you go to the other end of the world

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I meant mine on the lava surface and then go to side a little bit, and maybe you could go under. I wish i could send a screenshot in the comment but idk how to.

I just said you can’t mine lava

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If you’re talking about the lava thinning out in certain areas, I don’t think it’s possible. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t lava spawn at a set depth?


There is nothing special under magma, nor can you go under it anyways.

The magma under the North Pole is interesting though…

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Under the magma is the other side of the world…

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do you think if i told you you could see hell through the fireplace you’d look into the fireplace? probably not…

note to self: don’t dig down close to lava and definitely don’t attempt digging below the lava itself



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I really should have included a drum-roll, huh? :laughing:

In theory every world is a cross-section, so like a wheel, but in practice it’s not. If you extend logically from the wheel analogy though, my post is accurate…kinda.

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Ooh! :smiley:

physics in a 2D block game are more difficult to think about than a 3D block game. even my head hurts

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