Underwater railroad water removal


Hay so me and my friend made this long railroad underwater but there’s like hella load of water in it like a lot of water what’s the most effective way to remove it all cause it’s being like 30 minutes and we’re not even quarter way getting the water out


I depends on wether you mind the lag or not:relaxed: On Sugarflop we use doors to compress the water, but it does cause lag especially for players online.

You could use buckets of water, then drop the buckets into lava that way no lag. (If the empty the water on to lava could make a load of basalt which is always fun!)

Hope this helps :relaxed:


/repair mode works. Albeit a bit laggy and will reduce it little by little. It’s effective when you have lots of admins around.


The fastest way is the doors. You will just have to put up with the lag until the project is finished. I suggest that you don’t carry important items on your blockhead while you are working on this water removal. The increase in lag can lead to loss of baskets. Items most at risk for loss are any safes, chests, portal chests, portals or trade portals.


Thanks shariu and flowerflop I think the door way may be the most effective way so I’ll try that and thanks for warning me about lag I can’t be bothered to lose my things I’ll stick them in the portal chest