Uneven Blocks

I have this really long staircase for one of my builds, and when I zoom out it in game looks like this:

When I zoom in more in game it looks like this:

But when I zoom in on the larger viewed screenshot out of game, it looks like this;

It shows that the blocks are placed unevenly, when they really aren’t. Why?

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Are you talking about how it gets blurrier as you zoom out?

No, I’m talking about how when I zoom in some of the single blocks look like two or three blocks.

I gonna take a stab here and say it must have something to do with the aspect ratio when using the phone. I think it doesn’t have this effect on the iPad screens. Just a theory.


It’s weird because I noticed it before with my pixel art too, it makes it look like extra blocks, and the extra ones it looks like they show the blocks all unevenly spread out.

I suspect Skeeve is correct. Renderers have to dither at certain zoom lengths.