Unicorn breeding guide


Breeding unicorns takes awhile to do, but it is actually pretty simple. Here is a guide of how to breed them.

All you need to get a unicorn is:
Two donkeys
Carrots… lots of carrots…
An area with walls to prevent animals from spawning

First, you need to know the tiers of donkeys, there are 12
The tiers are: grey, black, brown, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, white and rainbow.

Finding these different coloured donkeys in the wild doesn’t have a very big chance to happen, because the donkeys are wild and will die within weeks.
You need to tame the donkeys and then breed them, taming takes a week in game if you feed them whenever they are hungry. Once a donkey is tamed, it will have a name above its head

Once you tame a donkey, you need to feed it carrots to keep it alive, the best way to get carrots is by making a carrot farm. When you feed them, DO NOT use a feeding chest. If the donkeys have a baby, you won’t be able to tame them because they are always full. If your donkeys have a baby that is a lower tier, get rid of it asap. You need to get rainbow donkeys because only they can breed unicorns. Unicorns can breed too, but they take a long time to have a baby, so it’s best to keep your rainbow donkeys to breed more unicorns.

Unicorns eat rainbow cakes, which can be made from rainbow essence and other ingredients, or bought from a trade portal. Rainbow essence is also tricky to obtain. It can only be obtained through trade portals, killing unicorns :unicorn:, or from golden chests. If you can’t get rainbow cakes, cage the unicorn before it dies.

Thanks for reading my post, if there is anything I should add, feel free to tell me!


Sorry the post is a bit confusing to read, I will edit it soon, I didn’t have much time make it so it’s not the best…


Great guide for unicorns, I found it very helpful! :slight_smile:


Random but I once found a naturally bred white donkey in the wild in single player. He was named Survivor.


Cool did you capture him?

Your welcome!


I found it helpful too!


This is a nice guide, but I will report some inaccuracies. You can make rainbow essence in a press by using every different gem type, and you don’t always need two donkeys to get a unicorn.


You can also get rainbow essence from rainbow dodos.


And from rainbow dodo EGGS! Eggstract the essence.


Ok thanks!


In the end of the day of experienced unicorn breeding. I learnt having lots of tamed rainbow donkeys around are good for extra unicorns for essence. Cage two tamed previous unicorn colour as soon as you have two of the new colour.

Have lots of bucks, wheat and lots of tamed yaks for milk
A lot of apple trees above ground to make as many normal Dodos to lay eggs.
Have other blockheads prepare a lot of the other ingredients for rainbow cake.

Assign on blockhead with cakes and cages to constantly watch over the coloured unicorns for babies and watch over the rainbow donkies for extra unicorns. Only adult unicorns drop essence.


Thank you all for teling me, I will update this as soon as I have time