Unicorn breeding program


They’re breeding faster than I can build more cells. I’ll probably have to do something…

This is a unicorn breeding program.

The doors and trapdoors allow fast movement while blocking unicorns from getting mixed.

When a unicorn gives birth,the younger one gets moved to another cell using cages.

This way you can prevent them from getting mixed,while also not spreading them too far to be quickly fed.

It is advised to have a storage unit for rainbow cakes or overflowing unicorns.

I’ve also recently taken notice that unicorns drop rainbow essence when killed,which means this can also function as a rainbow essence farm.
If that is what you want,you shouldn’t tame the baby unicorns and let your tamed ones make more unicorns.

10 tamed unicorns were able to give me 10 more,which were turned into about 60 rainbow essence each year.


White to rainbow is a extremity rare upgrade it seems.

Wild(never fed from birth) unicorns die before making a child. I’ve yet to test if there’s a specific point of year where I can make the cycle continue without feeding tamed unicorns.

Unicorns drop 1~6? rainbow essence. I’m still working on the exact numbers.

Buy/Sell Unicorns

But why you need rainbow essence that much?


Rainbow essence is a required ingredient for making Rainbow Cake for feeding unicorns.


Because I can! Or maybe because unicorns eat rainbow cakes.


Well,its kinda make sence


The original white unicorn you gave me is happily grazing on a pasture :smiley:


They tend to snowball a lot since they give birth every year. Now I have a lot of rainbow essence though.


Wow, those unicorns must get super sparkly.

I haven’t really tried it out on just plain vanilla yet, because I’m too lazy to get rainbow essence…I wish it could just rain and afterwards there could be a rainbow and you could get the essence, lol.


Unicorns do drop rainbow essence when they die. I’m not sure if this farm will provide more than the investments needed,but I can’t deny that I’m sitting on a huge pile of rainbows right now.


To make more space in the cells, why not take all the bred unicorns to a big area with a feeder chest to keep them fed?


Woah! That’s a lot of unicorns you got there!


That would mean the newborns I intend to harvest will be fed as well as making the removal of unwanted ones harder.


Perfectly organic,as ethical as it should be :smiley:


Are they all rainbow unicorns?! :scream:


I’ve stopped production after hitting 99 spare rainbow unicorns.


How many times do you have to feed a unicorn before they get tamed? Also, that is pretty cool!


3~5? I haven’t kept count,but the community guide has a detailed number on it.


Ok thankyou! I have been trying really hard to get rainbow unicorns, but no luck yet. Ill just keep trying


Jeez you have a lot… any tamed rainbow ones for sale? :v :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really. I’ve taken to building lately so I didn’t have time to tame them.