Unicorn/Donkey Breeding For Newbs Like Muah


Hey I’m just a little nub who started playing 3 weeks or so back but I remember a faint memory from the game being in some version, the one with the 8bit baskets a couple years ago. And a couple trips later and leaving my old phone in my jacket and my mom washed it​:disappointed_relieved:. I kind of forgot. I found it again and remember that memory I played it and fell in love head over non-gender-specific shoes. Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about you, and your soon to be flying :unicorn:! If you just started, Skip section A.
Section A. Starting off.
A whole new adventure. I’m in expert but normal is definitely recommended by me as it is HARD. Start by exploring a lit bit aways, collecting all fruits, tomatoes carrots and stuff. If you find some donkeys, remember where they are and leave there carrots alone, unless it’s the only on ur island/area. Do not take a swim in oceans, because u don’t know how long it will go, and u don’t have resources to cross it. Stop at deserts as well, but if u think ur big chungus go ahead and grab a single prickly pear and 1-3 sand !!!Warning Turn back if u see scorpions/weird green things (Scorpions). If u haven’t found any fruit or anything at all, that’s weird. Make sure there is flax if ur in expert and normal (but mostly expert). If you passed pine trees, (The tall ones, really tall.) with the gray blobs “Drop Bears” come back if u aren’t close to ur portal and it’s near sunset. Come back and grab some wood/ sticks. Once ur back dig a hole, down and to the left or right, or just diagonal. Go to sleep and in the morning grab the reasources, dirt in normal, stocks dirt and clay in expert, but not to much. Make a workbench then make a campfire.!!! If u have no food, (At all!!!) then decide if u want to keep going in this lifeless slate or start anew.!!! Exclamation marks are to attract users attention so they don’t pour in hours and have to leave it behind like i did.:disappointed_relieved:. At this point I realized i am making a starter guide, so go read one of those and skip until u have a wood bench. Then read Section B

Section B.
U have a little thing going, or maybe u have a jet pack and titanium armor and are doing this as an endgame thing. If u are, make it bigger and start to make some rainbow essence( at press near end) and make rainbow cake. Pay no attention to that if ur a newb like me​:yum:. Dig down, my preference, but also helpful because skywards is more costly and if u set up the half feeder I mention later it will spawn normal which is annoying. Anyway, dig down then to the left a medium area and to the right a decently long strip of 2 tall (Number, not “too”) space. About 15-20 blocks for now. If ur blockhead collapses, don’t worry, it’s normal. (At least for me) if u have no carrots then plant other resources but mainly u want dose carrotoes if u don’t find some guide that tells u how to find, idk I spawned near some. Plant the carrotoes down the line by tapping on the dirt, ( or clicking) with the carrots selected. In the meantime, make a decent machete. Can be flint, that’s ok. Next in this central area u will have ur home! Basically make chests, only about 2-3 and put them down along with ur crafting tables and bed. If u already have a noice home, decorate this or make it a chest room. While waiting for those carrotoes to grow, dig to the right, or the side that hasn’t been dug yet. Make a shaft , 1 block wide up to the surface but not breaking it, if u don’t have a trapdoor. Then dig a 3x10 in the direction opposite ur carrot farm. If ur carrots ever have that grey thing on top, wait if it’s just 2-5 but if ur blockhead is tired harvest dose with ur machete. Once u have harvested it, replant all that have been cut down, leave those that are still in a beginning stage. Then, go back to ur 3x10 tunnel and FINISH HIM​:martial_arts_uniform: or her, once u have completed, add one block down on the top of it, in 3x10, closest block to carrot farm on the top, three place a door or animal gate on the ground. They can’t get thru the top block. Don’t worry. Repeat this with 1 block space, that is the ground, until it looks like this minus donkeys lol I replaced the block with torches and no gate because am poor person in expert. Then u can double it on the other side, mirroring just the 3x10’s with 1 block space for door/ animal gate. Now u should have 100 carrots at least, but 25 is ok for now, just keep making machetes if they break, they are worth it, and harvest the carrots and replant. Now, if u found donkeys in ur world, as u should, since u found carrots, go to them and tap on them with a carrot from a safe distance away, in case u accidentally slap them, which if u find a hand instead of a carrot box on ur donkey stop all actions immediately. Then feed it a little, and get some more donkeys. Block off there way , at least 2 but more than 3 is not recommended if I are early in. Also cut down there food now. If it said this donkey is not hungry then go work on farm/ get resources. Every day or so check on them. Eventually, white pixels and pink pixels will swirl upwards and ur donkey has a name. Keep the name, or change it, by tapping on it, don’t worry, u can’t slap it now. And click the name to rename. It should say grey donkey. Not as name, but below. Ride this back and place in pen, don’t worry it won’t escape as they won’t climb 2 blocks up or down vertically, unless u press ride and swipe up. Now feed that donkey and tame the other/s bring them back and don’t go out for other donkeys, u have all u need, at least 2. feed them daily, and eventually a brown donkey baby version, will appear. If it’s another grey, slap it outta there until it falls over. :sob:for overpopulation, I still feel bad. Now go to section C

Section C will take a while. Section C

U have ur farm running! Do what u want when waiting for a harvest or ur donkeys to be hungry. If u can meditate and u want to make ur blockhead/s meditate to speed it up. When a new donkey, different color, is born, tame it, it will grow up first, don’t worry. And bring it to the pen below by blocking off the rest of ur shaft below so donkey can only go to next later. Ride it down there and feed it. Get another and rinse and repeat cycle. Note: green looks extremely similar to blue in dark, so look closely then and during magenta/pink time and light area up. Again, repeat until donkey is rainbow/platinum colored. The move on to section D.

Section D

Ur rainbow donkey will give birth to what looks like a grey donkey. Do not be disappointed, be happy! It is actually a grey unicorn baby. Unless a grey donkey baby snuck in, which is disappointing. But it will have a horn on it. Make rainbow essence in press at the end, then make rainbow cake in electric stove! Feed these to unicorn and essentially repeat section a, b, c as it is the same. Now before u move back, only dig a new donkey area, u do not have to make another carrot farm. Also, welcome back from restarting yey! Move to section E. Wow I actually had to sing the abc’s to find out after D is I’m stupid. I’m way too old for that :astonished::roll_eyes:

Section E

U have a rainbow unicorn oh yeah! Fly it around and breed it to make more, there is no other level, and sell them after u cage, worth a lotto🤑dolla bill. Cha Ching! U can also fly with these babies !!!

Sorry edited because I forgot about the auto feeder thing and remembered it now. U can either use a feed chest or something I think it’s called that or plant carrots on ground, which is my preferred because if u away, u can’t maintain the population, so it’s wise to cage to very best or 2 of each. Planting carrots on ground causes no new donkeys Otto spawn as long as ur below ground, and so ur donkeys last much longer and very harvest when carrots drop donkeys basically restore health bar so if u can plant on compost! Also I can’t do this for unicorns as they prefer rainbow cakes so U GOTTA CATCH* EM ALL

*= so we don’t get copyrighted and caught or something and by catch I mean cage! Might make a dodo farm explanation soon as well!


The 8-bit baskets still exist. Just turn off HD textures.


Thanks, although new textures are my preference, I wasn’t aware the textures were updated until I started again, so I used it as a point of reference. Also, does your name originate from the MC YouTuber MumboJumbo?


Hi :wave: my name is mr Walter


Hoi Im a XpertIsForGods but u can call me tem


Nope. It was purely a coincidence.