Unicorn Horn

When you kill a rainbow unicorn, you should get a “unicorn horn.” They can be put on the wall and handled just like a shark jaw. You don’t get them when a unicorn dies, only when you kill it.


There aren’t already unicorn horns in the game?

Are there? If so, I’m not aware.

Seems like they only drop rainbow essence when they die (according to the wiki)

I killed 3 unicorns of mine that weren’t tamed, they were baby’s of a few of my unicorns and were full grown when I killed them, do they have to be tamed to drop a unicorn horn? All I got was just rainbow essence.

This is a suggestion.

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Oh, lol I’m so dumb

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Yak horns - just not Unicorn Horns.

Actually, rather than just merely a wall decoration - I think if Unicorn Horns existed, they should have some sort of power. :thinking:

How about this: Point a Unicorn Horn at any fruit hanging on a tree and all the fruit falls off the tree!


I’d only use this to make dropbears drop from trees like they’re supposed to lol (they weren’t coming down a few days ago, was weird)

or maybe unicorn horn would act like a bone meal that would make the the tree instantly grow and will produce a rare fruit that is called rainbow fruit that has an effect of instantly making you awake and restoring your hunger and it would sometimes give a nauseating effect because why would you eat a fruit that has all the colors in it.


Cuz it’s pretty

Oh yeah, I was thinking of yak horns! :sweat_smile:

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Yaks…the fuzzy flightless unicorns with an extra horn.