Unicorns drop rainbow essence when hit


could unicorns drop rainbow essence when hit.


for rainbow cakes?
that would be weired


OML no
New blockheads rating: 18+






Unicorns DROP rainbow essence when they die and same to rainbow Donkey they drop rainbow essence too, same with rainbow Dodo and this dodo drop rainbow essence and produce a rainbow egg that can be used to egg extractor to be a rainbow essence not sure about recipes. Rainbow essence for Rainbow cake and luminous plaster. Also is this from #questions category?


when they poop rainbow essence when they get hit.


like they are scared?


Ohh I do not like it is that like torture!?


i thought it would be funny also i would just feed them cakes after


Uh. It would be 18+ because there is poop in the game, even if not real poop than it’s still poop.


rainow essence isnt poop


How come it would be funny to kill cute animals or pets but I’m sure I will be having fun to kill Dropbear and scorpions also sharks :wink:


I don’t think so.


If they poop it out it is still poop, also you could make rainbow cakes out of de poop and unicorns still eat it.


Well okay I agree if it’s helpful because every hit from them they will Drop rainbow essence not to poop probably it would be helpful to me and you’ll just need to feed your pets a rainbow cakes again and again.


yes exactly


Killing a bunch of scorpions, drop bears and sharks is really fun to do as a challenge with no weapons/armour


What did you do to the title. WHAT DID YOU DO


welcome message?
my server is out of credit.