Unicorns drop rainbow essence when hit


Whoops, title I meant. Sorry it’s 7am for meh


made it sensible


Made it more inappropriate. Jeez.


Can the title be just a Unicorn drops more rainbow essence?


It seems awfully immature
but other than the buttock, the idea of animals dropping materials when hit is interesting, but I can’t say I’m in favor of it


Well yeah, whether they die of old age or you kill them, all unicorns drop rainbow essence, which you can then use to make rainbow cakes that you would then use to feed other unicorns. Dark, very dark indeed. Considering you are working with a pure creature like unicorns.

Come to think of it, donkeys die and some leave leather and carrots. Carrots, you can use to feed other donkeys.




Its okay if no just a suggestion to remove the disgusting words you know. And glad you changed the title :slight_smile:


i have


People gonna assume where rainbow essence comes from when you hit it, so changing title doesn’t help.