Unicorns walking on water

hear me out, i generally don’t post suggestions or make any topics because i don’t have much to add, but recently on singleplayer i was playing and i was traveling via rainbow unicorn, now hypothetically speaking i think this is more for rainbow unicorns or it’d maybe be a bit too overpowered, basically to combine all aspects into the rainbow unicorn, that being boots and a jetpack (additionally infinitely)

rainbow unicorns take the land and the air, but when in water they just sink, i know that suggestions won’t be implemented but i just want to add it’d be nice to see rainbow (or any) unicorns getting their balance by being able to run on water, like godly fast, at least twice the speed of a boat, would be amazing to have a unicorn running on water

anyone else thinking of naming theirs jesus now?


Damn it! I wanted to be the one to make the “Jesus” joke! :lol:


ahh you knew it was coming though

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lol reading this i was thinking the same thing

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