Unintuitive tool usage for removing vines

Normally you can remove vines with a spade. But when I try to remove a vine that is on a steel block, it shows a red box around it saying it isn’t the right tool. It then tried to mine the steel block with the spade.


Since the spade mines the steel block, I attempt to remove the steel block with a pickaxe. It then tries to get rid of the vine.

When I try to dig the vine in the air with a spade, it works.


Is this the way it is suppose to work? It seems unintuitive. If not, I will move it to Bugs and Gltiches.

iOS 12.3
The Blockheads Version : 1.7.3


It seems to do the same on any vine that is on top of a block that isn’t removable with a spade. I’ve always thought it as weird. It should (in my opinion) be green, no matter what kind of block is behind it.

Definitely a bug.

I’ve seen this happen a lot, it’s annoying. I tend just use my hand to get rid of the vine first.

Probably a silly question, but why not use a machete?

If we don’t have a machete, we don’t want to use it.


well,just this time,for testing purposes pwez xD

The machete works in this case.