United States to Sign Order Demanding China’s ByteDance to Divest TikTok

Woah, this is big news! :exploding_head:

Microsoft could possibly acquire TikTok.

I’m sorta happy about this, some of the things TikTok wants are creepy and could scale out to be an cyber attack.


It’s been confirmed.


This brings tears to my eyes, happy tears of course. I’m glad the notorious chinese spyware is getting banned.


The platform is just weird.

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TikTok could possibly be banned as soon as today.

Facebook except it’s not chinese


The previous article you linked already stated that. Do you just read the headlines or do you actually read the articles before posting them?

I wanted to reinforce what I said earlier.

I do not like the platform… It is a huge distraction and my sister procrastinates so much because of TikTok (she is addicted to the app). I seriously do not like TikTok. I feel as if I have lost my sister because she emphasizes 90% of her time with this feeble app. I am happy…

TikTok is just an app that gives short doses of dopamine… You can get more dopamine by opening more videos and watching them. >:frowning:

I am glad that this application that is operated in China will be gone soon! We must not let anything foreign, especially from enemy countries, harvest our personal data.


I agree with this. I think it was a disaster waiting to happen.


It looks like Microsoft might not acquire TikTok after all.

Im confused. So if Microsoft had acquired TikTok that would make it an American company so then Trump wouldn’t shut it down?

i think this is good, a lot of people are going to say the app is ‘cringe’ but that’s not even why i care for it goin down

personally while i feel it does make some people happy, it also contributes to a real world problem, this being one of the leading apps in completely distracting youth entirely

a lot of kids spends morbid and near inhuman amounts of time straight on tiktok in a day, some people even contributing their entire day to it

i know that the app isn’t meant to do it nor is it the developer’s fault that people are so attracted to it they can’t stop, but even if that’s the case if you run over a person with a car by accident you still get punished for it

if this app creates this much trouble though not intended, it should still receive the same result: pulling the plug, at least in the united states first, which is also one of the most victimized areas

How do you know that it isn’t intentional?

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meant to overly attract people of this generation to their app and basically brainwash them? i didn’t think there were good chances of that happening; but i suppose i wouldn’t be surprised either if they did, so i don’t know

Amassing a large frequent user base is generally the goal of platforms of this nature, I think you’re wording it a bit aggressively though. I would only use ‘brainwashing’ to describe the heavily regulated media platforms that are used by China and only China.

All I’ll say is YouTube is the definitive video sharing platform, so bye bye Tik Tok.

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TikTok videos are much shorter though.

Regardless, Microsoft has returned with their attempt to buy TikTok.

Addicting people means they use the thing more, so they use more ads, so it’s more profitable, so obviously that’s a goal.