UNKNOWN-A glitch that gets you on your nervs

Today I was mining in the server I play and I mined out some gold. When the nuggets fly to me,I get only one,called unknown. I thought it was part of the game,a rare item,like ditto in pokemon. Later that day,I log off. When I log in again,all my inventory was gone,except for the unknown. Beware guys,I found out that is a glitch,that has many shapes,and delete your inventory,can delete an entire server,and even delete your blockheads account. If you get one of those,dig a hole and bury it. Plz answer if this is as dangerous as they told me. Thx. Craft-

Unknown is Possibly the missing no of theblockheads

Yeah, except that missing no is mostly trying to get on purpose and the unknown glitch isnt…

I believe that this glitch has been reported already, but it never hurts to post it one more time, but when posting a glitch it always helps to post your device and ios version, it also might help if you update your version of blockheads (but most people do that immediately, so thats not really a point)

Sometimes you get “Unknown” Time crystals in your inventory as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol,missingno is a glitch that causes no harm,but this unknown thingy causes a lot of trouble. I experienced it and it wasn’t funny. I lost all my inventory and i had to start from scratch again,even my clothes were gone. Thx for commenting anyway. Hope you comment more posts of me! See ya! Craft-

i only lose one basket when i get it.

i dont think it can destroy a server or your blockheads “account”. that seems very unlikely

Heck, with unknown, anything could happen. Glad I’ve never got it. And what’s missingno?

a glitch thingy in pokemon. i dont know much about it :stuck_out_tongue: probably surprising i guess

I have some unknowns that someone duped. Never hurt my inventory, but I like 'em because they’re TC shaped.

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OMG I WILL BUY ONE OF YOU FOR ALOT OF GCS or a donation to ur server , SOMEONE story my unknown time crystal :frowning:

Haha unknowns are veeeeeery annoying, lost half of my chests with gold, my whole iron and electricity supply and more

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Unknowns causes lots of glitching and lag.
They have been reported to have been caused by:
-excessive trade portal usage
-having too many items on hand
-bad connection
-and of course, lots of lag

The unknowns will usually appear as an item with the title “unknown” or a blank space that says unknown.
Ive had some unknowns before. The only actual way to get rid of them is to drop them in lava.
If you ever get one, do NOT keep it for long.
They are quite annoying, and causes plenty of lag which can bring down a server if theres a lot of them.

(also, they remind me of those unown pokemon, lol)
-Cassia :slight_smile:

I have over 12 unknowns in cabinets on my server , for at least a week or more idk and I haven’t expire it’d any lag with them :slight_smile:

Actually, I just wanted to point something out.

The missingno in Pokemon actually does do harm. They appear when the game attempts to access data for a nonexistent Pokémon species. If you encounter it, you may have to restart the game due to graphical glitches.
[SIZE=1]It also dupes the sixth item in the players inventory too…[/SIZE]

My “first result from Google” states nothing to that effect. Not like I would know much, but apparently the game it’s in is like 15 years old, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that just happened randomly.

I wonder if storing them in my portal chest is why I haven’t suffered any ill effects.

a possible solution to avoid losing items is to quickly put all of your inventory in a chest (solution?)

I don’t think this can be fixed. I hate the “Unknown” glitch

Lol,u wont like to have it,since its pretty dangerous. I experienced it and it was NOT funny. Craft-

If you put it in your portal chest, probably not. Dargo had a UKTC (Unknown TC) in his portal chest, and he still has it :smiley: