Unknown item?

i just found a weird item in my inventory today its called unknown and i can move it around and it takes space in my inventory but its invisible any idea of what is it i think it makes you invisible because my friend could not see me but he did see me when i switched to another item ???

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I’ve read that these unknowns are somehow dangerous to your game.

Nevertheless, some people prefer to dispose of them straight into the magma because of their supposed harm.

Furthermore, I believe these unknowns can sometimes occur naturally. Once upon a time, I was crafting red paint, but I was suddenly disconnected due to poor connection. I then reconnected, and as a result, found an unknown pigment item. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, I don’t think the invisible unknown item is capable of making your blockhead invisible to other players…

Yeah, people claim that they can cause corruption.

bruh imma burn it

They are the result of damage to your inventory data. I have no idea if they cause data damage, but that’s what they are. Some players collect them, and some worlds don’t permit them. It’s up to you, unless you’re on a world that doesn’t permit them.


late reply, but having an unknown in your inventory isnt something that can be harmful, they’re generally just buggy items that dont interact with your inventory like other items. they can appear if corruption occurs in your inventory, but after that no harm can be done

That’s why I said supposedly.

I don’t believe that they do harm, and I actually treasure them. I have thousands of unknowns in my portal chest… many people do the same, too.

My decision is probably a bit controversial amongst a few, but I do not think I will get in trouble for mentioning it.

They don’t do harm at all I collect unknowns so I have cabinets of them and haven’t done nothing to me yet and it’s been years I’ve had them

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