Unofficial Download Sites


I just want to reiterate a warning I have given before, and continue to give whenever people post or discuss alternative download sites for our software:

We do NOT condone or approve these sites. We consider them high risk, and of possible danger to the integrity and security of your devices. You risk downloading malware, viruses, or exploitative code that could compromise your privacy and safety if you download your Majic Jungle software from any but official channels. The official channels are:

  • The App Store, under the brand of Majic Jungle.
  • Google Play, under the brand of Noodlecake Studios.
  • Amazon, under the brand of Noodlecake Studios.
  •, i.e. our own website.

Downloading our apps from anywhere else is risky and we take NO responsibility for any consequences of you installing copies of our software from any unofficial site. We recommend avoiding such and downloading all our apps from official sites.



So basically, Majic Jungle isn’t responsible for any viruses or malware you get?


Not if you download our apps from unofficial channels no. We do not take responsibility for the consequences of downloading software from any but our official stores or sites.