Untameable Troll


I’m unsure if this has been fixed but not too long ago I found a glitch where I fed the cave troll way over 10 times yet it never tamed, I was the only one feeding it. Has anybody else had this glitch with a troll or other mobs?


Yes, happened to me and several other players, too. Afaik it’s not known why and when it happens.


You can actually know when it happens.

If you can’t, the OP wouldn’t have found it.


So you’re saying it consistently happens all the time then, so it can be reliably reproduced?

Because Ronnie’s saying it’s not predictable if it will happen that way or not in a given instance, and that nobody knows why it happens that way sometimes.


Same it happened to me multiple times. Hope it get fixed! I spent hours trying to tame one without success.


Was this on a server because creatures are generally a lot harder to tame on server. Probably not because it takes more to feed them but because it’s a lot easier to miss ingame days and weeks at a time.