Upcoming Mac server: Blokonomy 2.0


Uhh…I have law, a bit of finance and huge math experience.

What about…BoD?

or you know, I could just be a worker


The Board of Directors will be elected by the players- One representative from each occupation, so that all occupations are represented on the Board. You may, of course, campaign to represent your chosen job…


I know the server hasn’t opened yet but I’d like to file for bankruptcy anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

All the fancy roles (BoD, CEO, CFO) seem interesting but I’m too lazy to bother campaigning so I’ll stick with being a worker


Ahem, I’d like to file for the position of Railroad Baron.

Creating monopolies since 1.0. Vote Derp.


There should be a law that permits police brutality to enforce the payback of loans… or maybe groups of admins could confiscate people’s property if they don’t pay back.


Foreclosure would be an interesting aspect


Will the orginal Blockonmy still be running?


I’ll trade you Shortline and reading railroad if you give be Boardwalk! (Monopoly FTW)

@Zitro I hold your horse on suggestions like that until we get more information from Joe in height things are suppose to work to begin with.


I campaign for Not! Because I can…(tumbleweed)

Anyways, I’m active (kinda), am a leader (I have an award for that), and love blockheads.

Vote for me!


Frater Fresh Farms. We control the farmers that control the food that control you


I’m excited to join!!!


Maybe I could join the loan society and manage loans. Idk anymore.


So a bank basically?



What is wrong with me today…


I used to keep accounts for a charity with £1M turnover. I can easily use a spreadsheet, although the formulae May tax my brain!

Compound or simple interest? (Please say simple. Please say simple. Please say simple. :wink::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:)


You know, I’m liking this idea of public legislation. We foundry owners might be able to come to a compromise or trust so the prices don’t get ridiculously low, supply and demand and such… less ridiculous reverse inflation.


Oh my, I’ve gotten a bit behind, haven’t I? Ok, let’s see…

Yes, there will be a foreclosure process. It will likely involve using the reset-owner command to secure reimbursement and, if neccessary, removing names from protection signs. I also have an auction system in the works.

Yes, the original Blokonomy has been running since the debut of 1.7, and will continue to be up for the foreseeable future.

I haven’t really figured out all the details of the loan process, but I’m leaning to three types: short term, low interest, moderate term, higher interest OR secured, and long term. I’m thinking 30, 60 and 120 days respectively. IF there is compound interest, I’d like it to be only on the long term loan. The objective is not to make money for the government, but simply to reward those who plan ahead. @MummyK, @Santeeisweird9_real, I’ll be willing to hear any suggestions you have. I’m really NOT the person who should be running this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m also considering allowing assistan… er… Senior Executive Managers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: for some positions where it would improve game flow. These would likely be appointed by the person holding the position.

@TheDerpMaster: my vision is to kind of have each occupation be a ‘guild’ of sorts, with the BoD acting mostly as a ‘Trade Federation’. But I’m going to leave that to the players, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. One thing I know for certain though, is that there will be no penalty from the staff if anyone wants to act independently in any occupation. They may end up without representation on the Board though.

I’m always open to suggestions. I really want to make this a server of, by, and for the players.


How many positions do you need here for your server? Because I only see 2 CFO (chief financial officer) and CEO (chief executive officer) Don’t get me wrong this based on real life how about on your server what will be the meaning of this positions? I really liked this like blockheads business :thumbsup:


I believe the term you are looking for is “worker’s union”


Historically, unions were set up to give members collective bargaining rights over regulations on a particular ‘trade’- regulations usually put in place by government. In contrast, guilds were a form of collective action- the members set the rules for the guild. However, in a true guild, someone working in a particular occupation was ‘encouraged’ to join the guild, often using methods that would require PVP to be turned on.

Regulation by government inhibits free trade, though it is still a ‘nuclear option’ if things get out of hand. PVP is just a bad idea on an economy server, unless you wish to have a police force, which would require taxation,a legal system, government salaries, et al…it just makes everything more complicated.

Right now, I see three positions: the two you me tioned, plus the Chairperson position (apologies to the ladies for the use of “Chairman” earlier(editing soon…))This is an equal opportunity server.

BUT, the Board will have the authority to create and fill new positions as neccessary.