Upcoming Mac server: Blokonomy 2.0


Historically, unions were set up to give members collective bargaining rights over regulations on a particular ‘trade’- regulations usually put in place by government. In contrast, guilds were a form of collective action- the members set the rules for the guild. However, in a true guild, someone working in a particular occupation was ‘encouraged’ to join the guild, often using methods that would require PVP to be turned on.

Regulation by government inhibits free trade, though it is still a ‘nuclear option’ if things get out of hand. PVP is just a bad idea on an economy server, unless you wish to have a police force, which would require taxation,a legal system, government salaries, et al…it just makes everything more complicated.

Right now, I see three positions: the two you me tioned, plus the Chairperson position (apologies to the ladies for the use of “Chairman” earlier(editing soon…))This is an equal opportunity server.

BUT, the Board will have the authority to create and fill new positions as neccessary.


aaaaaand you went all technical on me


A few suggestions and questions: (suggestions are questions)

Is this mostly finance? Or do we get to be employees and manufacture?

Can we make our own businesses?

Will there be a bank to make loans, deposits, etc.?

Will there be a store/mall or something that you can use to buy stuff?

Will you have housing and shifts?

Finally, will we have paychecks and wages?

Also this is a real question: If we will all have to take part to work and get paid, what would minimum wage be?


So when a business grows, they get a speaker, and someone to replace the speaker?
Do the people have power over business other than with their money?
Will there be toll booths on the railway?


As I see CEO will invest for this right or beside from position you said there will be a position for investing for businesses.

I wanna make charity :slight_smile: for everyone!!


Ok, it dawns on me that several of you haven’t played on the original Blokonomy, and B2.0 is badically an expansion of that. So I posted the OP from the original thread into the second post on this thread. Give it a read. It lays out the general principles of the server. Most of it is applicable to the new srver, but we reserv the right to make minor changes.


I’ve played on the original server! I don’t want any position whatsoever, but would just like to show my interest in this server. :slight_smile:

Will there be multiple cities again?


Do I sound too dumb? I have played on blokonomy…

Oh jeez…maybe my suggestions are dumb…

facepalm for the third time


Not at all @Santeeisweird9_real. I’ve been considering this since before 1.7 started, and I have quite a bit of it set in my mind. Questions (from all of you) make me realize that I need to do a better job of explaining it. So keep those questions coming!


Saw the 2nd post
Being a farmer doesn’t look too bad


I call dibs on second farmer. :slight_smile:


Hmm, looks like I need to monopolize the farming market :wink:


How will eggstractors work into the economy? Will there just be a global ban on high level dodos?


Maybe apples will be unobtainable or something


Tbh, I haven’t quite figured that out. The eggstractor itself isnt a problem. You’re given the benches you need for your job, and nobody’s allowed to have a workbench. So maybe nobody gets an eggstractor. But we’re gonna have dodos.

In the first Blokonomy, meditation items that were outside your given job could only be traded for items you could use.

But I’m really considering adding TPs to B2. Buy level would be set at 4x sale price. That kinda effectively puts an upper limit on what you cab get in a shop, which I’m not crazy about. But for those times when you need to get a project done, and nobody’s been on the server for a day or two, it would be an option. Same for selling. And I like the idea of giving people a chance to do jobs, sell the stuff they get, and earn some cash rather than everyone wanting a loan right off the bat.

Far,ers were always able to keep things in the black, but it wasn’t a really lucrative job. The boost from selling titanium ore or ruby shards could give them a cash boost.

Dunno. Open to suggestions. :blush:


Or they could conspire to artificially raise prices by cooperating with each other… :thinking:


I suggest besides of CEO, CFO, and Chairperson there should be like this from more player that they will build a Business too it was besides from staffs of the server there should be an opportunity to them builds a there owned business. Correct me if I’m wrong that only can business from a groups you will make right.


Alright, let me get this straight. You make a business, and you get a workbemch like the original Blokonomy, with the addition of helpers and workers?

If I’m wrong I seriously need to improve my reading comprehension skills.


I’m not sure its you Santee. I’m getting a LOT of questions about th business thing. It’s just like the old Blokonomy, except I’ve set the government up more like a corporation. Think of it as a huge corporation owning the planet. All the players buy land from that corp, and essentially run their own business as before.

The trade guild thing is just an effort to try to get people in the same occupations to cooperate with each other.

Does that nake it clearer?


Oh…so basically it adds a real estate market? (not houses, but land)