Upcoming Mac server: Blokonomy 2.0


Yup. Thanks!


Financial stuff I don’t understand! :exploding_head:
My tiny little brain can’t handle it.


I agree with you donut.


Ah, so it seems the original was similar to a free for all capitalist economy. The second one is more realistic as the government seems to regulate prices.


This is server is peak late stage capitalism lol


First I want to explain the financials here.

Monetary - relating money and currency means of a people’s money so it relating to the money or to the mechanism by which it is supplied to and circulates in an economy. In comparison fiscal relates to public revenue (taxatation) and public spending, debt, and finance

Public revenue - when you get your salary as public revenue there’s a taxation it means when you earned 10,000 there’s a tax you will be reduced 10% and tax takes your 1000 in your salary as your tax.

Public spending - Money expended by a government to pay for defense, development projects, education, health, infrastructure, law and order maintenance, etc. Public spending is supported by taxation. When this happened to this server there will be a government to make the server better like project making building, bridge, school, and etc. Include here fixing what’s the Broken public building.

Debt - this means individuals who had a duty or obligation to pay money, like you have an assistant you will pay him/her as what payment his/shes salary every month. Include here an investment as you have to invest from other businesses don’t worry when you invest right what you invest will get a return to you even more.

Finance - is a field that deals with a study of investments. Finance can also be defined as the science of money management.

This all about explaining the monetary because financials include monetary and I explain what’s really hard to know in monetary as public revenue with taxation, public spending supported by the tax to make projects and to fix what broken from your vassal, debt for who has an obligation to pay money from the house or on a job paying workers, finance study of investments from other businesses and to the defined science of money management.

I forgot Budgetary - when you get your salary you have to control your budget need to pay money your house bill as the water, electricity internet, and etc. When you don’t have control here you lost the others need to pay include workers and your obligation too.


Quick question, will we be required to pay tax and W2’s for any employee we hire?


Only Joe can answer that but first, we have a very nice job as a salary we can have like 10k so when there’s a Tax 10% from the government will give so it means 1k from your salary goes to the government for the project so that’s how the economy works there’s always tax it’s for there projects anyway


Speaking of Jobs, can we form unions and strike? If so, we could have willpower if we are paid unfair salaries or/and don’t receive enough benefits/compensation.


It depends on when you make a business it’s own your how many items you sell you have to count it or your going to apply for a job like making things to sell your boss will decide how much for your salary every day weeks or months if you really want the job then accept it.


One last question: Will there be multiple companies?


Perhaps Yes because there’s a group like blokonomy 1.0 there’s a lot of company because there’s a competition


I’m too lazy to actually do anything so I’m just gonna be a parasite and live off everyone else xD


So basically (as what I think from @TheDerpMaster) Said it’s like a “Blockmarket” at the trade portal.


Yes very good very good, but when is it opening?!? I can’t wait mane


Here @Zitro but who knows what day in June :wink:


How much currency will a copper, gold, and platinum coin be worth?


Well coins ARE the currency so giving them a value would be redundent, like saying the value of a dollar is a dollar.


Impossible to know at this point. On the original Blokonomy the value of steel plummeted from 5 gold to 8 copper once iron became plentiful, so the value of coins will be entirely dependent on supply and demand. (And depending on what laws are enacted by the chair)


I see the future

If the system is as basic as buying land, and then do whatever:
Everyone wants to farm = overproduction = cheap selloff = farmers being underpaid

And it will happen in more than just one industry

Will there be a limit on how many organizations can be