Upcoming Mac server: Blokonomy 2.0


I’m foreseeing the Ziameter Workers Union. Together we shall strike for minimum wage!


The economy will just have to balance itself. If the woodcrafter sells sticks for 1 cc each, and a bronze machete will net a stack and a half, then that bronze machete has to sell for somewhere under 1.5gc for the woodcrafter to turn any profit. BUT… the miner, the forge operator, and the toolsmith also have to make a profit for their part in the same bronze machete. Same with the farmer: they’re going to need machetes and shovels. Its the same for every occupation. They’re all interdependent on each other.


When comes to use 1 copper coin and you going to buy the thing in trade portal for example stick I think it’s going 2-3 copper coins to buy since Joe said 4x higher when you buy and this effect selling things to in trade portal so I recommend to sell them on your shop like jetpack when you sell it would be 600 platinum coins :wink:


The tp is so you can buy supplies if nobody else is around. I would expect the tp to be more expensive. In fact, it sets a cap on prices. If your items are more expensive, the. People will just buy from the tp. Thats why it will be set at 4x. It will give players flexibility with their own prices, but you wont have to wait days for a miner to come on so you can buy ore.


That’s what I’m talking about :wink: thanks @Joe, when you sell a little bit less expensive from trade portal probably players, will buy from your shop because when player keep buying in trade portal the items you buying in trade portal will be more expensive for example you going to buy 10 marbles and one marble each 1g30c then when you keep buying it will be more expensive it will be 1g35c BUT when you buy in player shops it stays the same price when you sell them 1gold coin 30copper coins no will be changed when you buy all of them not like tp it’s making more expensive when you keep buying right. That’s all I explain the different trade portal and shops what will be more expensive and probably the trade portal because of 4x higher price when you buy.


Juneeeee is hereee :grin::grin: cough cough


Joe is taking a break from Blockheads until he notifies otherwise.


Sounds amazing! I cant wait to join, I dont think the game is out yet, but it’s July, so it must being coming out soon!


So this company will have multiple jobs. Like farmer, kiln workers, etc. but as a whole company with people to represent each job?


This has not changed. My business has exploded and is going great guns atm. Right now, I’m spending a lot of time travelling up and down the US west coast meeting with clients. So long as that continues, running servers from my home-based Mac isn’t going to happen. I still have my ipad to keep up on the forums. But so far as playing on or running servers? There’s just not much time right now.


Oh, maybe another time.

Business you say? This explains everything…


Also, for when the server IS online, i would like to become a restaurant owner / chef or a building store owner / worker. They seem to both have a good amount of profit, everybody needs food, and everybody needs blocks to build with aswell… Hmm… Maybe I could start a business called Think Inc. and it would have a variety of buildings dotted around the city… Hmm.


I want to have my trademark company! Where i do my favorite thing in the game :3


@MR_THINK @Electric_man


Why don’t we wait Joe to announce if he going to continue the server? Let gives Joe time for his own life.


Do you know what he does for a living or something? Because I don’t see why’d you know whether it’s booming or not.


This has moved back into my current task list. There’s still tons to do though. It’s a 4x server and I’m working solo. Lots of changes and additions. It’ll take time. Just don’t think I’ve forgotten all the Blokonomy fans. :+1:t2: