Upcoming Mac server: Blokonomy 2.0

Blokonomy 2 is still a WIP, scheduled to roll out sometime in June. But I thought I’d start fleshing out some of the details in order to get constructive feedback.

Blokonomy 2 will be a 4x custom server. It will be divided into plots 61 blocks wide, with a 3 block buffer between plots. The top plot will stop a few blocks below the surface. Subsuface will be divided into two plots: top and bottom. Initially, to purchase a plot, you will either need to own the plot above it, or have arranged an easment with the plot owner to allow you access. Also (again initially) government-owned plots will not authorze easements.

I say initially because much of this is subject to change. Blokonomy 2 will be set up as a non-stock corporation! After enough people have joined, each occupation will elect one person to represent them on the Board of Directors. The Board, in turn will elect a Chairperson, whose main duties will be to act as spokesperson and ensure that all questions are brought to a vote by the board, and a vice-chair which will act in the chairperson’s absence, and officiate in any board business involving the chairperson.

Two additional duties of the board will be to appoint a CEO (which I will asuume initially) and a CFO, which will oversee the finances, including (YES! \:smiley:/) loans… (probably also me initially)

All of this is designed to solve a number of problems that cropped up on the first Blokonmy. Mostly, it’s designed to put you, the worker, in charge. The CEO is beholden to the board, which is beholden to the voters. Some of the occupations that were hard to make a profit at will have some say in changes that could help them.

But more than anything, its about creating aserver where you the pkayers can have fun hanging iut and working together.

Again, anticipated opening is June 2018.


Blokonomy is an economy-based Mac server world. Below is a copy of the welcome page, which explains how things operate. You will be given 5gc, 5 prickly pears, and one basket to start. After that, success or failure depends on how well you do at your job. Speakings of jobs…

Now hiring!
What we have here is a new experiment in survival and we need everyone’s help. Everyone will depend on everyone else to make the economy thrive and grow. You will take on a job of your choosing, but choose wisely. Competition is good, but we can’t have any holes in the economy leaving gaps in supply to meet the demand. How you survive and either succeed or fail depends on how well you manage your place in the economy. The goal is for player A to sell something to player B, which she makes into a new item to sell to player C. But player A also needs things that player C makes and so he spends some of his income on those items. And that’s a big oversimplification. Everyone will depend on many other people to keep their shops stocked and priced fairly. Price your items too high and nobody will buy. Price them too low and you sell out of items without making a good profit. (Tip: If things sell too quickly, perhaps slowly raise the price and see if the market sustains that.)

Simple server rules

Nobody gets their own personal benches. Your job determines what benches you can use. Having other than the allowed benches is against the law. 2. You buy what you need from other shops and make what other players need according to your job. Keep your shops stocked to be a vital part of the process. 3. Always allow surface traffic to pass through your buildings 4. Join and ask for your PO box,and pick a shop and job to start with. See the “Jobs Wanted” signpost next to the bank. 5. The usual respectful rules apply, no bad language, inappropriate images, hacking, griefing, duping or cheating of any kind.
Everyone starts out with an apartment room and a shop to sell their wares. Following are the jobs and the restrictions of each one.
Group A
Farmer - unique trait: they have to live farther out of the city to have the land for farms. They can only sell plant/animal products which they harvest. (Wood and branches excluded, see below) Benches they can own: None
Grocer - This job has been eliminated. Farmers are now allowed to have shops in town, as well as on their land.
Butcher - can only sell meat: dodo and fish, mainly :wink:. Benches: none
Tailor - Can only make and sell clothes and linen rolls. Benches: Tailor bench, dye bench, armor bench
Restaurateur - Can only make and sell cooked food items (coffee, stew, curry, cooked fish and cooked dodo). Benches: campfire, stove
Group B
Miners - unique trait: as with farmers, these are farther from the cities. They can only sell ore and mined blocks. Gems found are being considered. Benches: None
Building store - can only sell blocks, stairs, columns. Benches: builder’s bench and compost bench
Foundry - Can only make and sell ingots. Benches: furnace and electric furnace
Kiln workers - Can make all kiln items.
Smiths - Can only make and sell tools. Benches: Tool bench
Metalworker/manufacturer - Can make/sell all metal bench items and level 4 craft bench items. Benches: Normal and electric Metalwork benches, level 4 Craft benches
Railyard worker - train items only. Benches: Railyard
Group C
Forester - similar to the farmer, but limited to pine and maple trees. Only sells products from these trees (i.e. wood, sticks, leather, fur). Benches: None
Carpenter - Makes and sells wooden items. Benches: Wood bench
Crafter - Can only make/sell craft bench items up to Craft bench level 3. Benches: Craft bench <= level 3
Tailor - Can only make and sell clothes and linen rolls. Benches: Tailor bench, dye bench, armor bench

Group D
Press Factory - not sure about this one but we need a place that uses the Press and electric Press.
Refinery - only refinery items. Bench: Refinery and power supplies
Fuel station (optional?) - Can sell fuel and coal outside of a refinery. Benches: None

The different jobs have been grouped into how they chain together typically. For example a farmer grows food, a grocer sells the food, a restaurant owner may process the food into better food. A miner gets the ore, a foundry makes the ores into ingots, and a smith makes the ingots into tools.

Now, before everyone looks the jobs over and says, “YEAH! I want to be a miner, I don’t have to buy anything from anybody!” first consider that you need food and lights and tools which are all sold by other people. Farmers too, will probably want some tools and also a house to live in and maybe even a wall around his crops to reduce theft. So he has costs as well.

Meditated items can be used to trade for the things you need, in place of money, but can only be done with businesses that can use what you have. Some examples: meditated food could be traded to a grocer or a restaurant. Ingots could be traded to a foundry, smith or similar business.

Protect your benches. We hope that everyone is honest and sticks to their role in the economy, but it’s still in your best interest to keep your method of making money protected so others can’t slip in and make something with items they might have purchased or found.

As a mac server, this world doesn’t show you how many players are online. And you certainly don’t have to be online more than necessary, but please check in frequently to keep your shops stocked and also to spend your money at other businesses to keep the economy running. If shops are seen to be neglected, then you may find yourself kicked out to the streets in place of a more active player.
New players will be granted a kit for whatever role they are starting with. Beyond the first BH, they are expected to spend their own money to get set up with other shops. You also get a shop and an apartment to use. But there will be some rent to pay for each.
All the usual rules apply about swearing, griefing, hacking and general nastiness and bad behavior. We don’t tolerate it and you will be banned for it. Absolutely no duping. Please strive to play honest and fairly. Thanks

Cool! I’ll be sure to join. :slight_smile:

Ooo Market stuff

Anyways, interesting idea!

(Is this a mac server or cloud?)

EDIT: (misunderstood the OP)

Is this just one company or multiple?

Read the title… LOL. (It’s Mac)


Don’t worry, we all have those types of moments. :lol:

Will it come out near like the 19th?

I’ll be the printer lady of your company

Lol, how much do we pay you?

This is offical?

I like the idea of slaving under a corporation, sounds… sadly realistic. :joy: I’m hoping this solves the foundry issues that the original had, we were making so little profit in the spirit of competition that we could barely afford food by the end of it.

Edit: I also hope the mining position has been nerfed, maybe less ores, less gems and fast tool decay?


I’m leaving a lot of the rules vague intentionally, because I really want them to be set by the Board. But I also want the members in the Board to represent the people who elect them. So really, I hope that it will be the players who set the rules, through their representatives. I’m also giving the Board the power to replace me as CEO if I dont answer to them. Honestly, I kind of expect that to happen at some point. But once the server opens, I want it to be in the players hands, not mine. I even resisted making it a stockholder corporation because I want it to be ruled by eveyone, and diminish the chances of a small group of people controlling the board through stock acquisition.

The way that properties are set up is, so far, the best way I’ve come up with to reduce profiteering by the miner occupation. No longer can a minor buy property, dig to lava, and spread as far as they choose left and right. Plots are 61 blocks wide, with a three block “no man’s land” in between them. The only time the protection signs in the buffer area will be tranferred into a players name is if they already own the property on BOTH sides of it. That means the only way to access those minerals are from the property above it. Miners will have to keep negotiating mineral right access. That should help spread the wealth around a bit.

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Have you had any finance classes? The CFOs main responsibility will be tracking loans, interest, making pay,ent schedules, that sort of thing.

Is it PvP enabled?

Sign me up. Sounds interesting

Knowledge on using a Spreadsheet would be handy for the CFO? :wink:


This is way out of my depth. I never took Business! I want to be an architect!

PVP will be disabled

Extremely handy. I dont want to get TOO bogged down with loans, interest, and such, but I would like to offer a few different length loans, so something to keep it all organized would probably be wise.