Update & Beta Testing


Hey All,

I’m Arlin, a Dev at Noodlecake Studios. I’d like to start out by saying sorry for not reaching out sooner. We do read the forums and are aware of the issues you have logged here.

We are a very small team and there are many many Android devices. Tracking down these issues can be quite hard. Not all devices behave the same way.

But I’d like to focus on the future. We are working on an update and were wondering if any of you would be interested in beta testing.

If you are interested, please send me a PM along with your Google Play email address. I’m not sure how many people we will allow into the first round of testing. I’m also not sure when it will start, other than sometime in January.

Please only apply if you are very familiar with backing up and restoring app data, as it is quite possible that testing will have an occasional re-install requirement, or a data corruption here and there.

Arlin - Noodlecake Studios


I would love to, except my Android is a bit screwed up ATM…
Nook Tablet, accidentally factory reset and unrooted it…:frowning: and it doesn’t get to connect to the internet very often.


I sent a PM, I know a good deal about Android backups already and I have a guide somewhere in hints and tips for anyone who needs it for this or just to keep their data safe (can’t find the link though). I’ve just one question, will this be a separate app that runs alongside our stable build or will our stable version be simultaneously updated?


Testflight, most likely, so it’ll update the stable version.


Probably. But if it’s a bug fix test them I guess it will get more stable than the current stable build anyway. Hopefully that means my HD textures are still usable. Is there a specific backup that you want us to use?


Yay! Finally! I’m in sent you PM.


Does android need (or even use) TF though?


[QUOTE ErickMatrix;87364]Does android need (or even use) TF though?[/QUOTE]

If you mean like beta channels, yes it does. I’m running various beta versions that update through the actual app (so I get the twitter alpha version through the play stores usual twitter link by joining a certain group but friends will get the stable versions through the same link)

Edit: Oh, TestFlight the app. Well it did when I originally posted this, but apple bought it so not anymore but testing is done through google play which has built in beta testing


You said the B word a lot lol :D…


Is this only for android?


Of course it is,did you not read the OP?


I found the backup guide for anyone who needs this : http://theblockheads.net/forum/showthread.php?6935-Android-How-to-backup-data-*May-require-root

I don’t know what backup noodlecake want us to use, can’t spend play credit until I know which one and if I’m picked


I’d like to help but I’m on Amazon store (kindle fire HDX). I can’t download though google play.


Hey Guys,

Testing will be directly through Google Play, which now supports Alpha & Beta testing. Thanks @Jlav78 for the backup link. This is most likely the preferred method of backing up, but we are still looking into the best process for beta testers.

Expect more information and invites to those that have PMed me to come out in a few days.

@invisibleman we may be able to work something out for Amazon devices; please send me a PM.

Arlin - Noodlecake Studios


Jlav I added a note on your Helium backup, Helium without root requires Android 4+.

It can also backup to SD card then you can copy onto your PC and do whatever with it. Obviously too big for email, Noodlecake, you could set up a drop box share for us to drop into? Or an FTP site or online file repository?


Ok, I can’t use helium because my phone has no SD (Nexus 4) and I can’t find the tethering key but I will purchase a pro key for a backup app if I need to. I have my own dropbox but a shared dropbox sounds like a good idea, we’ll have to rename each file to (forumname).blockheads.backup.zip or similar, so we don’t restore another persons file accidentally, or have a folder each. I’m not sure but I think box has a larger file amount, especially with connected accounts. Another good app I’ve used for backups was easy app toolbox which backs up and restores for free but the free version only lets you do 3 backups at once (and we’re using test flight, so it’s only one backup anyway)

Edit : Just got my invite :). Thanks


Hey Everyone,

I’ve sent out some beta invites and an APK should be available to install shortly.

Helium seems to be the best option for backups at the moment.

I will definitely create a dropbox for people to dropbox for people to send us save files if needed. A lot of the issues we may be able to fix without having to share save files (hopefully). But we can cross that bridge when we get there.

Thanks again for your patience,
Arlin - Noodlecake Studios


I’m about to buy the pro version of helium to get the backups easier since my phone has no SD. Thanks for inviting

Edit : Bought it and backed up my current world


Sweet !! Hopefully by the time I get off work today the apk will be available for download!!


If this is still available I am interested in helping. I have a Nexus 5 and a first gen, 2012, Nexus 7.