Update & Beta Testing


Mine is claytonmcentire@gmail.com i have an android galexy tab 3 but i dont know what a pm is


Arlin@Noodlecake hadn’t been active a lot lately. But Noodlecake has another person called Spencer@Noodlecake who is recruiting beta testers for android. Here’s where he posted: http://theblockheads.net/forum/showthread.php?11498-v1-5-1-Beta-Testing-for-Android&highlight=Beta
That is the latest beta testers thread, compared to this one. You could try posting there, I think Spencer@Noodlecake will see it.

May I know what format of the forums you are using? Website,mobile,Tapatalk? I could tell you how to make a PM if you want:)

-Your fellow forum member:D


Ok, so it’s probably early, but how do I be a part of beta testing Blockheads 1.7 for Android?

If I don’t get anywhere here, I’ll just try e-mailing Noodlecake.


maybe in the other pinned form. after all this is a 2-year bump


Emailing Noodlecake is likely your best bet. All beta testing for the android version of the app is done through them.


im an apple user but thats funjny lol


Well is my android device ok it’s OnePlus 3 running Android 7.1.1 and my iOS device it’s iPhone 4s running iOS 9.3.5 I really want to be of beta testing my Google play email address is [NOPE]


Hi, Odeh2006! :raised_hand:️:smiley:

The op about beta testing for the update is from 3 years ago. Not for this latest update.

Though it would be nice for Noodlecake Studios to have a more active, up-to-date presence on this forum, I don’t think they do. So you will have to contact them…some other way? Maybe someone can post their e-mail or website for you? I’m sorry. I know nothing about the company.

Also, please remove your e-mail by editing your post - not safe to just leave it hangin’ out there, ya know?


Please don’t post personal information here. We forbid this in an effort to protect our younger forums users, but don’t wish to discriminated, so no members may share personal information.


There’s a glitch in the game
In a server world I tried to open a shop but the game keeping crashing when I open it
Can you find a way to fix that glitch


Um this thread for beta tester info.

If you gonna report a glitches or bugs make a topic for it. Thank you and choose category #bugs-glitches




Its okay :smiley:


You should make a new thread for what your trying to ask.