Update on IOS

Why can’t I play multiplayer on IOS, it kept telling me to update but I cant update somehow

Maybe your device is too old to support the game? What is your device and iOS version?

Did you download an older version of the game? You must be on iOS 8 or later to update to 1.7.3.

If you use certain special characters, this will happen. You might take a look at your username and make sure.

I think its because I never update my phone to latest version

I am on IOS 12.3 but still cant join multiplayer

Can you join multiplayer in any other game?

  1. Try again, maybe it was a temporary issue
  2. Try updating Blockheads if you can
  3. BE CAREFUL – YOU WILL LOSE ALL SINGLE PLAYER DATA AND TIME CRYSTALS IF YOU DO THIS LAST METHOD, but delete/re-install blockheads then join as a last resort. Try to fix it another way for a few days if you have SP worlds that you care about.

other worlds need add time crystals and when I try join a random multiplayer game it tells me to update to the latest version.

In IOS app store, blockheads said that 1.73 will have a multiplayer issue.

No, it does not. “Adressing an issue” means fixing the issue. In other words: Some ppl had the problem with the previous version, the update fixed it.

Then when will update 1.73 be available on IOS

It is available.

Wait shouldn’t this be on #bugs-glitches or is that something else?

Mostly about questions.

From what I remember, the #questions category is only for questions about the actual game’s features, not so much the game’s downloading.

Oh then maybe I didnt know that

I may be wrong though… any long time forumers know?

No, it belongs in #bugs-glitches.

you should be able to download and install the latest version of the blockheads…What device are you using?

Iphone 6s

Still can’t update to the latest version?Is there enough storage space for the update?