Update that I think was good and update I think should be in

(1)So the 1st update I am happy with is YOU CAN.T BUY 99 basket now! holy cow people love to troll and be annoyed with this :joy: thx you blcokhead for this update

(2) so the 2nd update is you can have pets (: it good but we still need birds

(3) this is going be update that should be in game we need birds at the moment we get unicorn the only one can fly and a jepack but the jet pack not animal and dodo can.t fly and it annoyed me that I can hear birds but we not no birds

(4) back to update trade portal thing) so I like how you need the block to unlock it but at the same time I hate it but it make the game more fun so you wot unlock everything in 1 go

(4) I think it be cool to have security com at this point people love to get into my house :joy: and I think it be cool like you can have a computer tap on it and tap on security com and you can see it and you can go into owner portal to see the security com it will make it a lot more easier to see hackers

(5) we no joke need more animals like flyings one and waters one I fell like we get to muck ground animals and not enough flying and water we ONLY GET 1 animal that fly cry out loud I also hate the fish look the same
(6) door taht you can Edit no joke it annoyed

(7) doors that you can edit no joke it annoyed
For you friend to get in thay can.t get unless thay put a door down I wish you can have a edit iron door so you can have it so not only you can go thow you and you friend can go thow the same iron door (:slight_smile:

(8) like the door thing I wish you can have more than 1 people on the ownership sing that be so cool it also be helpful so you and you friends can build with no one else killing you builds (; it also help if you not a admin I what 7 and 8 in the game the most

If I missing update just comment (:slight_smile:

I‘d really love for number 7 to get implemented! Especially if it was possible that one door had multiple owners, not just one (contrary to ownership signs).

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Yes ikr it so annoying to make a new door for you friend :joy:

@Princess_Sarah I love the number 1 to it was the best it mean no one can lag you sever now :joy::joy: why was this flag?

This is a litte bot off topic I am telling about update was good and update need be add

Can you edit this for a bit more clarity? I’m having a bit of trouble reading your post, it’s confusing.

Well, if you ever want your ideas to be considered to be added to the game, they need to be submitted, individually, to the Suggestions topic. Not that Dave’s ever doing another update, but he definitely doesn’t look for ideas in Off-topic. :smiley:

This thread shouldn’t be in #off-topic.