Upgrade to the paint bench

If the paint bench can be upgraded to a fourth level allowing four pigments to be used to create paint imagine how many possible colors we would have to work with. This would totally solve the brown problem. I know I have suggested this before in another thread but it needs its own thread to get recognized.


Paint shops will then be 8x bigger!


My guess as to why this may not be added is that too many shades of colour may destroy the simplistic style of this game

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But just look at the blockhead sunsets. How can an artist who can create that resist more color options?


I’m sorry, but I don’t see how praising the developer’s art skills warrants the feasibility of your suggestion.

should fourth pigment options not be added, I’m sure some of us would still like a way to combat the brown problem. As suggested before - orange pigments?


Yes!!! We need a 4th pigment or something there are some colors we just can’t get


I would love a color picker. Just put in a yellow, red, and blue and you can pick whatever color you want.


Well, that wasn’t very nice. I don’t see how adding a bunch more hues will mess with the simplicity of the game, which is actually very, very complex. Please treat others here with courtesy and respect.

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what if you just use the blocks that are already in BH

Oh ok I’m sorry, let me change to a more courteous answer. Thinking back again, I agree that adding more hues will really enhance the complexity of this game’s already highly detailed and refined graphics. And the OP is absolutely right by stating how the fact that Dave is a good artist means he should let us choose more colours. I can see the logic in that.

Four colors would be awesome. If that wasn’t possible however, I’d be happy to limiting the fourth color to black or white. W’d still be able get get a lot more hues.

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Well, according to digital color hues, there are three main bases of color that can be put on a computer screen: Red, Green, and Blue. (I use the digital color-scape considering that this is probably the chosen format for adding and displaying colors in the game.) If the current format for colors had only two hexadecimal (meaning a scale of 0 to F) inputs for each color (2R, 2G, 2B), the scale option can be brought up to a maximum of 255 different colors, 256 if you include pitch black. (Example: FF0000 would equal a bright red, as the max “pigment” for red would be achieved with zero input on green and blue. 000000 would be pitch black, and FFFFFF would be bright white.)

Basically, a better option to add more colors on an equal spectrum would be to have six spaces rather than four.

(EDIT: I thought I’d add a link to a color picker to better explain what I meant.)

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The blending of hues to make a new hue is not the same as RBG or CMYK. It’s more like mixing paints. The number of component pigments in the Blockheads is a selection from all the base colours, which include purple, blue, etc. The RGB/CMYK colour systems only make use of red, green, and blue, or cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.


I see. So the code used to combine the colors in-game is different than the function displaying the colors on-screen.

You can mix pigments of any colour. RGB uses numbers to denote proportions of each of red, green and blue to make up a hue. While you can describe your paint’s hue with RGB numbers, when you mix it you don’t have to use red, green, or blue. You can use black, white, and purple, if you like.

In the context of the game, think of RGB as a description, and your pigment combination as a recipe.

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