Upgrading Benches Beyond Max Level

I was upgrading my craft bench from Level 3 to level 4 (carbon fiber) when I decided to watch a tc ad.

  • The game crashed and relaunched by itself at the end of the video.
  • When I re-entered the server, the craft bench was already upgraded to level 4–only this time I was halfway upgrading it to level 5!

I decided to let it “upgrade” instead of aborting out of curiosity. I ended up with a limestone-coloured level 5 craft bench! I can finally craft spaceships and hyperdrives now!! (Jk, the items you can craft in it is exactly the same as a level 4 craft bench. I wish.)

I tried picking it up, and it looks like a normal level 2 craft bench in inventory. It was still level 5 when I placed it down, and relaunching the game didn’t do anything.

If you want to see the legendary craft bench, you are welcome to go to Giants and have a look yourself. (It’s in Brer’s providence.) Just be warned… Giants could be haunted… several cave trolls disappeared without a trace, people ghost on the server and items Majically disappear and appear. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I don’t know about that but I love that you made every blockhead a different color of the rainbow! That’s so creative :smiley: !


I’ll give you 2 stacks of plat for it!!

It’s just that milla and dave hates it and we have to respect their opinion because they are responsible for this game and they know better than us. :slight_smile:

This is the rarest crafting bench I have EVER seen.

Nice :ok_hand:


I’ll offer you an entire safe full of platinum coins for it!

Ray should start an auction xD

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Or they could build a museum in Giants and put the craft bench there as history.


Overleveled benches strike again! This time, it is a Level 4 Mixing Bench in Jemni’s Looking Glass server. (I was a little disappointed that you can still only mix 3 dyes to make paint with it.)

Although “overleveling” a bench has only happened to me twice so far, sometimes when I upgrade my benches and watch a TC video, it upgrades twice (and sometimes not at all, and I lose my stuff used to upgrade). It appears to be a fairly probabilistic event, but I think I have narrowed down the circumstances needed for this bug to occur more frequently. I have so many questions…

  1. What happens if you upgrade an easel to level 4? Can you use 4 dyes? (I’d expect not.)
  2. Do all benches take a level 2 appearance beyond max level?
  3. What happens if you upgrade a portal to beyond Diamond? What will it be called and look like? What happens if this bug occurs while upgrading a spawn portal?

So many things to test, yet so little time (and time crystals :stuck_out_tongue: ) to test them! Well, something else to do after my A’s. Good thing I have my trusty Mac to make servers to test this bug on. :slight_smile:


I did a little bit of testing today and discovered a semi-reliable way to reproduce this bug. Here are some overleveled benches I made today:

Level 5 Workbench

Level 8 Tool Bench

Level 3 Tailor’s Bench

It appears that the appearance of the benches are random. All benches are located at my house over in Jemni’s Looking Glass if you want to take a closer look. Hope to test more of this in the future :slight_smile:


Scratch the “after A levels” part. I finally found the exact method to over-upgrade benches today with 100% reliability! I also managed to over-upgrade all remaining benches which can be upgraded. Have a look!

Level 5 Craft Bench

Level 4 Armor Bench

Level 4 Furnace

Level 3 Metalwork Bench

Level 3 Builder’s Bench

Level 4 Easel (As expected, there are still only 3 dyes available to paint pictures :frowning: )

Level 4 Press (Not sure why it looks like that. Strange)

Last of all (as well as the most interesting) a Diamond+ Portal!

Notice how the portal is missing a base and is floating? Blockheads walk through the portal as though it didn’t have one:

Best of all, I discovered that you can place any block at where the base was supposed to be. Looks pretty with a basalt base, doesn’t it?

(Sadly, I discovered that when you pick up the portal again, the base block disappears and is lost forever.)

I’m on a roll. Next stop: over-upgrading a spawn portal on one of my Mac servers! :slight_smile:


You should charge admission to view this freak of nature.


Teach me this witch craft :joy::joy::rofl:

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A tool bench three levels above the max level.

Cool. I though it would be the level 4 workbench texture.

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Is the server active, and how are you creating this bug? Ive had it happen to me once before but after picking it up it turned into an invisible unknown.
Do you Have a save way to recreate this in any world?

Btw. Great achievement!

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This is my personal Mac server, but I mainly play on Looking Glass by Mad Hatter.

On any server, if I watch a TC video while finishing an upgrade of a bench, the game sometimes crashes or kicks me out of the server. When I relog the bench (rarely) either upgraded twice or is in the middle of upgrading a second time. In the latest post, three consecutive crashes happened similarly.

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Wow, have to find a way to do that to
Thanks for the fast reply!

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