Useless blockhead Item ideas

Not jokes just kind of failed ideas I had

1: Play doh made from clay and dye. Gives you 1/4 happiness.
2: steel wall lights it’s like the down lights but on a wall.
3: keys: you can grant these to players who cannot give it to other players. The key grants the person it was given access to a metal door of owners choice.
4: salsa can be made with tomatoes and chilies and water and can be put on things idk I didn’t think that far.

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More toy ideas? Nice!

Wait are you saying this in surprise to more toy ideas or are you saying in in the sense that you do you want more.

I want more.

Ok I’ll bake some up. This might be tricky but I like a challenge

Dear Dave,

If you can hear me please add salsa because I would just love to load BH and eat salsa and tortilla chips in the country side of some server and just enjoy life.

Si Guy 123


This is the most wholesome request I’ve seen on any platform. I promised I wouldn’t cry… :cry:

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