Hey I really need your help,

I was playing blockheads with my account and I had to reset my device because of problems. I hadn’t logged into iCloud only Apple ID. When I redownloaded the game with the same username the game said USERNAME ALREADY TAKEN. I really need help because it took my a while to get items in a survival world. PLZ HELP


It seems your support ID has changed. Go into the blockheads app, get into a random world, pause the game, click help and credits, and it should be under the “Support” heading. Do not share this with anyone except the admins. PM @milla with your support ID for help.

Pm milla with your support id

Your name is gray so you can’t pm yet

What do you mean my name is grey

She just meant that you’ll have to continue browsing the forums for a while before you’ll be able to send a PM to someone. That function is disabled for new members to limit spam. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think that matters.

It changes from gray to black when you get the needed badge so yes it does but it has changed now

i see you’re a basic member now, you should be able to pm milla, don’t share your support id with anyone else but her

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