Uses for titanium?

Is there anything else I can use titanium for besides pickaxes,swords,armor, or blocks?
I decided I wouldn’t really need any of those on my world so I have just been selling them as swords. Am I making a mistake? Are there any HUGE advantages to titanium tools that I don’t know about? Also, Hello! I’m new to the forums!

Not really too huge, but here goes

  • Titanium Pickaxe can one hit stone and many other blocks
  • Titanium Blocks, specifically for faction/pvp/raiding servers to protect your base from intruders with servers that don’t allow ownership signs. same with sword and armor
  • Titanium ingots is needed for jet engine to craft jetpack in the craft bench


but of course selling them for money, really is a good money source.

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I always felt bad selling it
guess i wont anymore

Titanium is used for crafting Jetpacks and for obtaining an amount of money (selling Titanium armour on a Trade Portal gives you more money), or even used for upgrading benches and furnaces in Expert Mode (for example: 1 Titanium ingot is used in the Level 21 Workbench alongside a ruby and an ingot of Platinum).

Save your titanium!

I use Titanium blocks for my home a lot