"Valoran" by: Teemo Diplomat



Hey fellow gamers, I’m RisingFire! (XRisingFireX) PLEASE READ EVERYTHING! :smiley:

Introduction: Today I would finally like to introduce my first server ever created, Valoran. I’m thinking this is gonna be a “survival and quest based server”. If you have ever played League Of Legends, the server is going to be a bit based off that game! THIS SERVER IS STILL IN PROGRESS… IT’S GOING TO BE WHITELISTED FOR NOW… I was working on it alone for awhile to upgrade a few essential things (trade portal, home portal, benches, etc) and explore the world a bit more. So far I think I only covered 10% of the 16x world and cleaned up a few caves… But that’s where you come in! Explore what I haven’t explored yet, discover amazing findings of your own! This server is Vanilla so it’s going to take some skill when playing on this server and nothing is free, I like it better that way! I’ve been playing since 2013 so if you need any tips and assistance I’ll try to be there to help! There will be of course unused places or islands where people can build things on their own. Oh, and TRY NOT TO LEAVE HOLES EVERY WHERE YOU GO! When an island is looking dull, I will eventually beautify the place as much as I can… (plant maple trees, regular trees, food)

Cities: In this server there will be cities already built (based off the cities in League Of Legends) and they can be used as checkpoints or safe areas to go to (away from enemies or the dark). So far there is only one built… “Bandle City” on Bandle Island, it is currently still in progress. The cities won’t be too big or as big so… USE YOUR IMAGINATION! I am also going to give the opportunity of giving players a chance at being a mayor for each of the cities when the server is ready. As a mayor, you will slowly accumulate coin (5 gold coins every day).

Quests: On special occasions I’ll eventually give players quests to go on and reward them after! I also plan on making dungeons with some in them, when cleared, I’ll reset them eventually for new players!

Factions: There will be factions in the server eventually once it’s ready.

Admins/Mods: I will only admin/mod players who are willing to give some good time and effort, on at least once or twice a day and who use Discord Voice And Text Chat. (more information about Discord Voice And Text Chat below)

PvP: I will create arenas if players want to settle things out or to simply do it for fun. Keep in mind, I won’t allow PvP every time players want to duel but when I do, I will not be responsible for someone’s loss.


  1. No Griefing (destroying player built buildings, sabotage, stealing)
  2. No swearing
  3. No chat spam
  4. No excessive advertising (meaning it’s allowed, just not too much)
  5. No exploiting
  6. If you want to ask a very important question, contact me (owner), an admin/mod on Discord Voice And Text Chat (more information on Discord Voice And Text Chat below)
  7. No building on restricted areas (rule will be deleted once I have access to gold signs)
  8. When asked to sleep or meditate, SLEEP OR MEDITATE PLEASE! (owner and admins only)
  9. Build neatly, I don’t want to see obnoxious looking structures, have order and pride in creativity
  10. Don’t cut down maple trees, they are for beautification.
  11. Duplication is allowed, just don’t over do it…
  12. Don’t ask for too many things (items, admin/mod, etc)
  13. Make a Discord Voice And Text Chat account and join my discord server for my Blockheads server!
  14. If there is a problem, contact me (owner) or an admin/mod
  15. Any spam on Discord Voice And Text Chat will result in a kick/ban
  16. Be appropriate!
  17. Be nice!
  18. Have fun!

Discord Voice And Text Chat: I encourage players who join this server to create a Discord Voice And Text Chat account! It’s a program/app that is specifically for us gamers, it’s completely free and you can get it on your phone/tablet/pc! It’s a lot better than Skype, Curse Voice, Ventrilo and TeamSpeak. Rather than having to use the annoying in-game text chat, We can ALL meaning each and every player can communicate faster through a voice call if we use Discord Voice And Text Chat. I already have a discord server set up for my Blockheads server so I would like for all of you to join me. I will only be using Discord Voice And Text Chat unless I have to talk through the in-game text chat for some reason. Using Discord Voice And Text Chat is completely safe, it even protects your internet from being hacked! If a player(s) is found harassing others or being inappropriate in the discord call, I will kick/ban them, an admin/mod can do that as well. Please! Join my discord server so we can all communicate better and faster! So get the free app or program.

Click to join my discord server: https://discord.gg/dnz6V8J
My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzr2U9rJzwQejuzQSXa768w (gaming channel)

Some of the places that I plan on adding to the server, still considering more though… (highlighted in red circle)


OOOOHHH!!! I am defiantly joining THIS server! I like it! my IGN will be WIKIFAYZ!


Thanks for considering on joining, I’ll whitelist your name!


Thanks! I’ll join ASAP!


This sounds AMAZING! I hope your first server skyrockets!
IGN: haque


Thanks, I’ll whitelist you.


Joining asap. IGN: itzHarleyQuinn


Thank you, I’ll whitelist you.


I wanna join



Sorry for the late reply, but sure, I’ll whitelist you, thanks for wanting to join.


I would like to join, my IGN is Gourami.
I also have Discord…


Cool cool, I’ll whitelist you right now, thanks for wanting to join.


Just to let you know that if you allow ANY swearing then your world has to be private and the link cannot be shared on this world thread. You must take steps to ensure that no children are exposed to bad language. If you don’t do this yourself then @milla will.




me to omg epic my IGN Nisheal


OH! And, can I be Mayor of Bandle ( city )Island!!!???!?!?!?!


Epic-eat server ever. Can I join? IGN is Boltlord


I want to join!!! IGN: kimmypichu


@XRisingFireX ill join ign: OSHA OSHAWOT


Cool cool!

Alright, I’ll whitelist you.