Various TC ad problems


So, I’ve got a list, NOT in chronological order of what happened. Its a bit complicated. Here’s how it went:

  • I was occasionally able to watch several ads in a row, skipping the time delay thing.
  • I was able to watch ads fine, but for some reason, the watch ad button would reappear before the 10 minute break was up. (or however long it’s supposed to be)
  • I was occasionally pressing the button and getting TC without watching ads. (welp, I guess I’m using pirated TC now…)
  • I was also sometimes watching ads and not getting TC. Probably made up for my “piracy”
  • I was, and currently still, am not able to watch TC ads at all.
    Anyone else having problems with ads?




I face every single one of those bugs.

I recently managed to accumulate about 3 thousand time crystals in a single day because the ads didn’t stop coming. I eventually stopped because I was busy with other things. That was on multiplayer.

For me, there isn’t even a consistent delay of any sort. Sometimes I can watch 3 or more ads in a row, and sometimes the button disappears but relaunching the game makes the button appear and work again.

I sometimes got tc without watching a video. Pressed the button, instantly get 20tc. That only works once each time it happens though, after getting the 20tc, the button works normally again. This is fairly rare for me.

Sometimes, after watching a tc video, the game relaunches and I don’t get any tc. Sometimes the game just freezes and crashes halfway through a video, but this is even more common if the tc “video” happened to be a demo game.

For the past 2 days, the tc button doesn’t work anymore. Pressing it does nothing. I didn’t probe further to see if relaunching/rebooting fixes the bug, and have yet to try again today. But I experienced it in the past weeks occasionally.


So… People still pirate time crystals? :open_mouth:


They’re not pirated.


I was kind of joking :stuck_out_tongue:


So was I.