Vast Survival. [NOW OPEN]

Vast Survival

Build, Craft, Survive.

It is 2089, Earth. The world has turned into a wasteland due to arsenic bombing. Whats left of the government has fled underground. Your only goal is to build, craft, and survive.


  • raiding is allowed, however, griefing is not.
  • items like trade portals are not allowed. However, player shops are allowed.
  • combat logging is punishable by a one day ban.
  • have common sense.
  • Don’t do anything that you think will get you banned
  • If you have any questions or need to report anyone, please PM me.


Forming clans is a good idea. To have an official clan, you need at least two people, and a base. Moderators are needed! Apply here:

Join link:

Number of online players


Can you find what is left of the government if you explore underground?


Can’t confirm.

Would you mind explaining this to me, please? I’ve never heard of it.

It’s basically just leaving In the middle of combat.


The initial server release date may be pushed back due to an error on the Mac server website.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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For the server, would you rather have

  • A: A wipe every month
  • B: A wipe every two months
  • C: No wipe at all.
  • D: Other. (Please comment on what “other” would be)
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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Keep in mind, each wipe will have a new seed.

The server should be releasing on September 10th, since the problem has been solved.

Ooh yay on my birthday! Maybe I’ll pop in for a bit :lol:

Is that why September Isles is called September Isles? :sweat_smile:

One of the reasons lol

cant wait tbh

The poll will close in 2 days, don’t forget to vote!

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D. A wipe every century

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A wipe is when all progress is gone. (All data will be wiped)

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Sorry for such short notice, but the server release has been pushed back to September 11th. I needed to add something to the server.

@Codeoffun, please explain what option D is. You asked a question.

It has been pushed back to 9/11?

I should’ve stated that I needed to set something up for the server. I’ll edit the post.