Version 1.2.1


Version 1.2.1 will be out very shortly. It’s a bug fix update, fixing bugs found since the release of 1.2.

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Lucida Grande][B]- Adds particles and an icon to make it clearer when the tin foil hat is queuing AI events.

  • Tin foil hat wearers will no longer mine placed blocks.
  • Fixes an issue that could cause worlds to fail to load.
  • Fixes problems with invisible plants, and trees that don’t fall down when chopped
  • Fixes more crash bugs, particularly in multiplayer
  • Fixes issue that could make button presses fail to work sometimes
  • Fixes graphical issue with doors and trapdoors in transparent blocks
  • Fixes problems with very large numbers of sharks or fish spawning
  • Other minor fixes



Yeah buddy!


Thanks, Dave! Installed the update and my loading problem is fixed. Nice work!


Rather you than I at all that coding David, well done and I wish you every success with the game, should become a classic…:slight_smile:


Ah, glad to hear that.


YAY! I already downloaded the update and my awesome-old world loaded in no time.
Thanks Dave!


I seem to be getting some weird glitches with this new update. My blockhead keeps jumping out if boats in front of sharks, she goes for oxygen every chance she gets when swimming, but it is out of my control. Even when I’m headed for land, she goes a different direction and heads for home. I’d love a button that easily brings my blockhead home, but… when I actually want it to.
Not sure what is going on, but my husband is experiencing the same things.


Haven’t had to think twice about this update!

Thank you Dave! Especially for the shark fix! :smiley: killing 100+ sharks and not even making a dent in the population in one ocean was getting old quick lol.


Excited for the new update! Maybe in the next update you can add some more items to craft.


It seems as though my “glitches” were caused by my tinfoil hat. I noticed the glittery bits around her head as she plotted to destroy herself. Perhaps only wear that tinfoil hat long enough to get the achievement, then take it off. :slight_smile: Something I just noticed in the beginning of this post, ugh! (head desk)


Sorry to report that my world is not loading, again. :frowning:


Quick question re sharks… It’s this update was it meant to kill any sharks off or just reduce the rate at which they spawn?

I have an ocean full if them still and still have babies spawning :frowning:


I believe it fixes the spawn rates, so you’ll need to wait for existing population to die back before it stabilises.


Thanks Bean :slight_smile: will wait and see how it goes over the next week then :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen any evidence of the invisible plants so far in 1.2.1, however I’m finding trees which when I chop remain hanging in the air.

Is this a fix that might not work with existing worlds?


It would be really cool if they could add scuba gear which would allow you to go the bottom of the ocean, and maybe they could also add some shells. <3 this game.


Okay, sorry I didn’t know. Thank you :smiley:


How much longer to android!!!


I think you still have to wait a while before you world loads if it had the glitch.


Sweet, i’ve been having a big problem with the spawning sharks