Version 1.2.1


Yay, no more invisible carrots for me! That’s been happening a lot…


Your right. Super important update…


So the tin foil hat only makes mind controll it doesnt prevent it…


Ahh the good old days. Looking at updates a long time ago…
Am I the only one who does this?
I think they forgot to lock this thread lol


I did this actually just a week ago. :smiley: It’s so nice to see how far we’ve come…:smiley: The good old times…when fish were considered “new” items! I almost can’t believe that signs weren’t added until 1.3! Then came trains, and with the rest of the updates one of Sam.Boyer’s AMAZING update trailers! And here we are…elevators, paintings, trade portals, scorpions, and death. Who knows what 1.6 will bring? :smiley:


It’s nice to think about… Planes… Hmm bigger boats! The possibilities are endless.


Planes and bigger boats are quite likely in my opinion. I’m also crossing my fingers on pipes and pumps! :smiley: And of course, sam.boyer’s fantastic trailer. :smiley:


Doglover bumped the 1.2 version…
3 versions away


Eh, well, it’s nice to look back at previous updates and see how far we’ve come. :smiley:


Agreed :3


wow now we have trains armor arrows and stairs


1.2.1. To 1.6. It nice to look back at the past. But we now have JETPACKS!! YAY!!

Baa sss :confused:


[strike]Thank you, Dave! Good to know all these bugs are getting squashed for good.[/strike]


Isn’t this an old update…that got bumped thanks to some darn sibling hacking into lorin’s account


That was 1.2…XD


LOL Phoenix! XD This is funny heheheh


Well. I’ll just crawl into a corner here.
I was being stupid; it got bumped up by lorin and I totally forgot to date-check. Lol.

I’m so sorry! I won’t let it happen again.


It’s okay man I thought the same for a second