Version 1.3.1 - OUT NOW!

1.3.1 has just started becoming available at the App Store. 1.3.1 is a bugfix release, no new features have been added.

edit: [strike]In other news, something really cool is about to happen! [/strike]
It has happened: see here

Hey would have to make a login for accounts playing on the Ipad because you imagine yourself (moderator) I have a game of BlockHead on my Ipad and I if I delete the application and low back All my work, my effort, all my information be deleted Fix it please put accounts to save games on the ipad

Er… That was REALLY confusing…

Something really cool, such as…?

1.4 Maybe? :smiley:

When will the cool thing be in


That’s gonna help a lot of people!!! Yay!! Servers made easy, perhaps?! I hope!

how do u use

Finally I can reply to this thread. An achievement has also been fixed. Maybe in the next update, they will make reward clothing respawn on the poles if they ever get lost.

Awesome. Thank you for squashing them bugs!

Wow! I’ve missed a lot :0 very nice guys

Meow? Meow?

My world have a Bugs for example: The oranges flotatinf so is fly the fruits and the water too is flying siriusly i show you a photos that i have of my world in 2 seconds.
Hey posdata necesitarian hacer en español el BlockHead para el Ipad osea pongan una opcion de español asi se entiende que cosas hay osea yo entiendo english perfectamente pero la verdad Hay personas que no entienden. Arreglenlo.
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If you have a bug, you need to post in the Bug/Glitch forum. You will have a higher chance of getting help by posting in the correct place.

Hey ya that is why I have bug if I have to talk to the FAQ or a customer care but I speak it for 1 day when I install the new version of BlockHead between my world and had Bugs and lag but I also talked about this here on the new version I speak in the new verdion no more bugs and lag in multiplayer

Cool multiplayer. Well I know this already but still its pretty cool

Wow, it’s really good, but i wish it was longer free trial expired.

To be honest, I love how it’s only .20 cents a day when it’s running. Really low price for such an amazing game.

Really? That’s really good for you, and the blockheads makers. They earn money, you have fun.